Why did Fender make the Pickup Poles so tall on my '64 Jazz ?

Discussion in 'Pickups & Electronics [BG]' started by Fender4Me, Jul 31, 2020.

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    The pickups in my Custom Shop '64 Closet Classic Jazz have these tall pickup pole pieces that I do not like. I cant find any example of an original 1964 Jazz with them. Why would they do this on a re-issue ?
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    The "Original" branded series have those bevelled poles, also the P ones. For the very reason behind this, other than a small visual footprint to identify them, I really don't know if someone can give an answer.

    Bevelled poles are theoretically made that way to be gentler on the fingers if touched. A pickup with poles sticking out will have a bit more "headroom" (or less, depending on how you see it) in terms of how close or far the pickup can be screwed in.
    In fact, I think it doesn't make or break a pickup imo, but someone can get an annoying tactile feel, as you say.

    In terms of possible easy fix, try putting a piece of transparent tape on the poles/top side of the bobbin underneath the cover. First, it's a good solution for potential hum shielding, then it will probably keep the bobbin and poles 1 or 2 mm further down and might do the job. Nothing to lose besides 5 minutes, I think.
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  3. Fender4Me

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    I was thinking about adding something under the pickup covers to lower the poles. I think they would look more like the originals if they werent sticking up so high.
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