Why did take so long to get a jazz (style) bass?

Discussion in 'Basses [BG]' started by craigb, Jul 9, 2001.

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    I had always resisted or discarded jazz style basses before when looking for a new axe. I almost got a Hamer Cruise as my "first good bass" but went with a Stingray instead. Now that I've finally (after all these years) figured out that B size necks are my thing I made the move to get a couple. One of those was an MTD Beast. It's pretty basic - poplar body, maple neck, wenge fingerboard. 2 single-coil Bartolini jazz pickups. Vol, vol, tone.

    You know what? It rocks! The satin finished B neck is like an old friend. It just feels right - completely comfortable. The sound is great. I like neck pickup full on and the bridge pickup rolled off enough for the sound to bloom and that is "it" for me. Clarity, growl, punch - just what the doctor ordered. And it's light, too.

    I'm now a happy member of the jazz style bass club. I like it so much I ebayed the Stingray I had just traded for and bought another Beast (they are discontinued and being closed out). Now I feel like I'm all set with 4-strings with 2 Beasts (I'm really a "one-axe" guy but want to have it in two places so maybe two of the same will be good for me). I was even able to pick up a Musicyo Steinberger 5 with the difference to keep around and remind me why I never keep a 5-string.

    I'm not sure why I resisted the jazz-style thing so long. Maybe because they seem to be the most popular/pervasive? Because a lot of my favorite bassists were Precision type of guys? Oh well, I seem to have learned my lesson. Now the question is whether this will end the GAS (probably not, but I can hope).