Why do a lot of us (all of us?) keep selling and buying basses?

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  1. I appologize if this has been brought up before, but why do a lot of us (most or all of us?) have a habit of buying and selling basses on a frequent or semi-frequent basis? Why aren't we satisfied with the basses that we have? Why do we seem to constantly have G.A.S. for a new bass?

    I am definately guilty of this and have pondered this question lately.

    I presently have a 2012 Fender MIM Jazz Bass (Sunburst with a brown tort PG and a Leo Quan Bad Ass II bridge), a red 1988 Yamaha BB300, and a black (with white PG) 1996 Peavey U.S.A.-made Fury. I like all three of my basses; I really do!

    But I want to do one of two things to satisfy my current G.A.S.:

    1. Sell the BB300 and the Fury and put that money towards a Fender MIM P-Bass, to "compliment" my Jazz Bass, since I've never had a Fender P-Bass (though the Fury is much like one) out of the fourteen basses I've owned in the past fifteen years.

    2. Sell all three basses I currently have and put the cash towards a Fender Geddy Lee Jazz Bass.

    I used to have a black Geddy J Bass but sold it about six years ago because I got out of playing bass for a year or so. Out of all the basses that I've owned I really liked that bass the most, between the black block inlays and the binding, and how it felt, played, and sounded.

    But I know that if I sell the BB300 I'm going to miss it and eventually want another one. It's a great bass (plus I'm #104 in the Yamaha BB Club).

    The logical choice would be for me to forget about the G.A.S. crap and just be happy with the three basses that I have.
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    No, the logical choice is to try as many as you can until you find the right one.
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    I'm in the same boat except I have 7 basses and currently building an 8th. I have a few basses I know I *could* get rid of and it really wouldn't affect me logically, but I would really miss them(A Yamaha BB300 for one). Like you I would want to replace them at some point probably, but being left handed would make that even harder. Plus none of them are really worth that much money to make it worth it anyway...
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    1) it's fun
    2) it makes playing more fun to have a change of 'scenery'
    3) there is a wide variety in basses, more so than (say) electric guitars - you can't really know what bass(es) is(/are) good for you until you've tried quite a lot.
    4) it's easy to do with the internet and there's no real cost in flipping something other than the postage. Hey, you might even make some money.
    5) our tastes change as we evolve as players
    6) new stuff comes out
    7) our financial situations change, as does the amount of space and time we have... life, y'know
    8) For some players, maybe one bass can't do it all
    9) If a bargain comes your way, why pass it up?
    10) As soon as you start playing in a band (or a new band), you realise that your requirements have changed completely and you need to start over...
  5. Desire is suffering.


    No amount of basses will make you happy. Not wanting more basses will...
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    Because we have more money than we know what to do with, and it's not the 80's anymore, so cocaine isn't an acceptable option ...
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    Mar 22, 2010
    What if you get 2 basses and then you don't want any more?
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    Variety is the spice of life.
    If you stick with the same things for the rest of your life, you'd never appreciate the other good choices out there.

    That being said, I have made a side hobby and experiment to try as many basses as possible without spending any additional money- a pretty good compromise between my wanton desires and Buddhist philosophies (no joke- I do have some). Besides, remember monks do intricate sand painting then later wipe them away- teaches that nothing in life is permanent including beauty.

    In the op's position, I would probably hold on to Yamaha as it may be harder to find later on. That one you might regret selling.
    Now I would start selling things you may have that you no longer need- bicycles, computers etc. on Craigslist. Depending on what you sell and what funds you come up you'll increase your buying options. Plus it makes for a nice spring cleaning. Add the money to the sale of the Fury and see how much you have. Perhaps enough to buy a used or new Fender MIM P Bass or maybe if you sell your Jazz bass too, you'll have enough for a Geddy Lee.
  9. "It makes playing more fun to have a change of scenery." Couldn't have said it better!

    If I only had one bass it wouldn't be as fun, I have to admit, since I have three to choose from. It's nice to be able to switch basses for various tunes, just for variety, and not play the same 'ol bass all the time. Hell, even Geddy Lee has multiple Fender Jazz Basses up on stage, and the Ricky as well (although one of the J Basses is tuned down a half-step, if I remember correctly). I guess he kind of looks at it that way, too, that a stable of Jazz Basses is more fun than just having only one.

    I have to admit, though, that out of the three basses that I have that I like the Jazz Bass the best, due to its weight, feel, and tone. The BB doesn't have the same punch. The Fury's OK, but I haven't really "bonded" with it yet, and not sure if I will. The tone is not bad, just that, I guess, I'm still not used to it yet.
  10. I have yet to find a 'perfect' instrument. Each one is unique and has it's pros and cons. I think we like to be on the hunt for the perfect bass; one that we can't find fault in. Or we keep buying basses that aren't completely suitable to our styles. One can have a great bass, just not that great for how we play.
  11. Are we talking about basses or women?
  12. HAHAHAHAHA. "until you find the right one". That's a knee-slapper.
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    Dude, im almost certain your fury (and possibly your yammy) are better than most mim p's out there. I've never played one that I liked. Geddys are great, but are they great enough to satisfy your bass lust? For me, no; I enjoy variety.
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    I had to stop it, but I was going to own one of every production bass made (not all at the same time though.)
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    The Buddha obviously never played bass. ;) Owning basses has brought me lots of happiness. And desire doesn't always mean suffering.
  16. because it's a gear board, and that's what people on gear boards do.
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    I buy and sell for several reason. If I see a good deal, I will buy it for the purpose of flipping it for a profit. I once bought a Carvin LB 75 for $250 and sold it one week later for $750. I bought a 77 Precision for $900 and sold it for $1,500. Occasionally, I will see a good deal on a bass and decide to keep it.

    Another reason is that I get bored fairly easily. I do have one bass that I will never sell.
  18. P. Aaron

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    So far, my Precision V has been the most versatile bass I have had and it is the easiest bass for me to fit into any situation. I do not tire of playing it or wishing the tone it produced sounded more like _________.

    I also like my Big Al 5. It has some great tones but I am still working to make it as enjoyable to play over long sets and not keep wanting to have to tweak it.

    So, while I like one bass very much, the other is still not quite posted in the 'keeper' column. It does look good in pictures though.
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    2)To me Learning new thing had the same effect
    3)No, not really. As a lefty I found few basses and dealt with it, in the end I I can play whatever bass because I've learn to live with it.
    4)maybe yeah
    5)that's true
    6)so what ?
    7)true but still it is buying for the sake of buying
    8)true but most of the time they play different music with different basses while one could do it but y'know, they need that to "think" differently
    9)why have more than you need just because you have money ?
    10)I've played in different band for a while and no need to change my whole gear just to "sound" or "look" like they want ... Maybe I'm too weird for the music world