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Why do all good things come in Fretless?

Discussion in 'Basses [BG]' started by ZenBass, Apr 19, 2004.

  1. Yet again

    A heart movingly beautiful bass has yet again popped up on ebay.co.uk

    Its just simply stunning....

    Marleaux Constrat Custom 6 String Fretless

    I would bid, but its FRETLESS... and i aint a FRETLESS player...*cries* to re-fret would not only be expensive but a crime...darn the person who will get this...had ther same problem with a Zon Sonus Fretless Custom as well...

    Here's some pitcures...


    Darn it....
  2. rogerbmiller

    rogerbmiller Gold Supporting Member

    Sep 16, 2003
  3. I love my growly zinggy sound for which u need frets,,plus i am a slap + tapper again frets are needed...

    plus i am not a jazz player + i really admire the greats but i dont want to sound like them or really be able to play with them

    my roots lie in

    Mark King
    stu zender
    Nathan East
    Mark White
    Dirk Lance
    Adam Nitti

    all of which are fretted players


    i dont half babble
  4. rusty


    Mar 29, 2004
    That's a beautiful bass... someone was just posting about it the other day. Hmm... can't remember who now...
    Yeah, I agree with rogerbmiller - if it has lines, it might as well have frets :) You might wanna check out how much it'll cost you to get them installed tho.
    Happy hunting! :D
  5. Limo


    Sep 22, 2002
    Reykjavik Iceland
    Remind me, is this the guy from Spin Doctors or??
  6. Hey

    Yes Mark White was the SPin Doctors Man

    A ReFret on it will cost £100 from the bass gallery in London.!!!


    Now I am interested

  7. frederic b. hodshon

    frederic b. hodshon

    May 10, 2000
    Redmond, WA
    Microsoft Product Designer

    learn fretless!


  8. rusty


    Mar 29, 2004
    On a 6 string?? It's like jumping in the deepest end of the pool without knowing how to swim, plus having weights around your neck :D
    I'd start with 5 and work from there ;)
  9. frederic b. hodshon

    frederic b. hodshon

    May 10, 2000
    Redmond, WA
    Microsoft Product Designer

  10. rusty


    Mar 29, 2004
    Heh... :) I guess I'm just a wuss then... :spit: :D
  11. Dont forgot in that swimming pool theres sharks are well..

    Six string fretless would sit in the corner and look at me in a evil way

    where a six string fretted would go..

    PLAY ME PLAY ME PLAY ME..!!! :help:
  12. ArnoldoAC


    Aug 23, 2003
    About Nathan East, he DOES play fretless as well, and plays it very well with perfect intonation by the way.
  13. Ari


    Dec 6, 2001
    This Marleaux looks great. I'd love to hear how it sounds... I've tried a few Marleaux at the Musikmesse but not any fretless model.
  14. Les Claypool did! :smug:

    But honestly, I'd say learn fretless...after all there is an onboard EQ, as well as piezo (maybe?)...a little tinkering with the settings and you could probably get a faux-fretted tone...
  15. Minds gone a wondering newho...

    got a fone call off Bernie Goodfellow of GB today
    has two GB's that I have first refusal on so0o


    might have to wait a bit...but they are there as long as i need time to pay for them...

    One exaclty like this could be mine so0on


    But Marleaux will be added to my collection at some point...

    Really like Constrat shape...!!!

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