Why do you suppose Fender doesn't

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  1. Stewie


    Jul 3, 2013
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    sell a 1 X 15v cab to match the Rumble 200? As it stands, you can buy a matching 2 10 cab, But What about us guys who still like 15s?

    Dear Fender,
    The 2 X 10 extension cab is exactly the same dimensions as both the 500 and the 200. If the 15 works well in the 200, please make us a 1 X 15 too. I'd be mighty obliged if you did.
  2. Doesn't it work if you turn the 1x15 on its side, move the rubber feet, twist the logo 90 degrees and not look at it too hard?
    But yeah! Good question. What's up with that anyway?
    I think it's to please Ampeg. This is the one thing that makes Fender not perfect. :whistle:
    -Running for cover now!
  3. Am I not unnastandin this correctly......???? They DO make a V3 Rumble 115. Are you saying that it's not "matching" as in fitting in size perfectly?
    If y'are.... fine. It wouldn't worry me, if it sounds good. ......
    That said. .. I know I've got this
    Which IS matching. .. but I'm also using this. ..
    Which isn't. ..
    And this
    Which is obviously just plain WRONG! !!! But sounds RIGHT!
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  4. deathness


    Jan 19, 2015
    It's prolly a form factor and cost issue. The rumble 1x15 can isnt intended solely as an extension for the combos, it's an entry into the more general duty 1x15 market on the budget end. If theyre going after players on a budget, they prolly figure these players will have all different makes and models of amps, hence the more generous 23" width to accomodate various amp/rack widths. It isnt cost effective to design another budget 1x15 simply on form factor that will then compete with an already existing product.

    That said, i had the impression fender was positioning their rumble 1x12 cab as form fitting extension for the rumble 200 combo.
  5. Linnin


    Jul 19, 2012
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    Just buy a couple of Fender Rumble 115's and any head you want.
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  6. cfsporn


    Aug 20, 2011
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    Because they know that every time someone mixes bass cab driver sizes, Bill Fitzmaurice stubs his toe.

    Props to Fender for caring about the man's piggies.
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  7. Buy another 200. GC seems to sell em cheap used.
    1. Use the first loop out to drive the second loop in. 2x15 at 280 watts ish.
    2. Install switching jacks in line with speaker so it cuts off the amp and drive the second cab from the first amp. 2x15 at 200 watts. Do this to both, that way you have a spare amp. Or just do 1x15 at 140 watts for smaller needs.
    3. Try to find a 200 with good speaker and bad amp for cheap, use it as an extension. 2x15 at 200 watts.
    4. Dual feed the bass to both amp's. 2 1x15 at 140 ea.
    5. The Rumble 1x12 is the right size if you dare.
    6. Cover them in sparkly Naugahyde tuck and roll of your color choice.
    That last one is for your 60's 70's retro psychedelic band. :smug:
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