Why has food become SO expensive?

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    May 9, 2010
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    I've been noticing it for a long time, but on my last trip to the market, the prices seemed absolutely outrageous.
    4 beef patties for burgers, $6.99? Regular eggs, $3.50 a dozen. And not just that, almost everything seemed to have gone up even more than before. I forgot the other things I saw but there was about 3 or 4 other things on that trip where I was like..."What?" When prices started to rise a while back, the only reasoning I could get from anyone was that gas prices had gone so high that the food was costing more to transport (Still BS) and now gas is down.

    Other things I have noticed in addition to the higher prices are the quantity your receive has gone down. 8oz is now a 7 oz package. 16oz package is now 14oz and so on. That one less ounce is 13% more profit.

    And don't get me started on the so called "store club" deals. They switch up the deals constantly, but all they are doing is using it as a tool to see how much the consumer is willing to pay. They keep these deals coming for many different products until they find the sweet spot - as much as they can charge without purchases on that product dropping dramatically. But I have to buy those deals, I feel like I have no choice.

    Hasn't manufacturing gotten more efficient over the years? I'm not normally a conspiracy theorist, but I feel like there is a constant systematic raising of prices for no apparent reason. Demand is already high, it's not like they are having trouble turning a profit.
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    The egg prices are directly related to a recent court ruling in California regarding the qty of chickens living per coop.
    The new regulation cuts the current number in half (I think it was 8, so now it would be 4)

    Any egg supplier wanting to do business with or residing in California has to comply.

    Manufacturers always shrink package size to maintain the sale price. This happens all the time.

    Sorry for the nerdy answer...... :bag:
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    Smart-ass answer:
    Save money - Eat less..
  4. The local yokels here in CT selling their farm eggs from coolers get $4/dozen. And they always sell out.
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    Apr 17, 2009
    Large eggs here in west central Pennsylvania are usually $1.39 - $2.00 a dozen
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    May 7, 2012
    There are various factors. Drought causes a decreased supply. Gas prices increase transpotation costs. Cost of living adjustments raise labor costs at all levels which would include minimum wage increases. Farmers, food handlers, truck drivers, grocery store employees.
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    I heard bourbon is getting ready to go up in price due the supply not keeping up with the demand.

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  8. Oil price (current dip will not be mirrored in grocery) and inflation
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    Once they get you used to paying that price, it will go nowhere but up.
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    You're first problem is where you are. Everything is more expensive in California.
    I'm in Fort Wort, Texas. I have a 9 year old 1800 sqft. house I bought new and paid $130K for. You can't buy a garage in LA for that.
    Those items you listed would be about half that here.
    You are in a really nice part of the world....until you need a place to sleep or something to eat.
    And I bought gas (not GAS, that's different) last week with my Kroger discount, it was $1.49 a gallon.
    But, a new American P is stil $1349. (so music is universal?)
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    Apr 17, 2009
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    Jan 17, 2009
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    I'm movin to Texas
    Prices here in the North East are ridiculous too.
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    You pay for convenience too. Check the price of your pre-made patties against the price of bulk ground beef; you pay about 20% more for the patties.
  14. viper4000


    Aug 17, 2010
    also, freight is hauled using diesel, not gasoline. Diesel is still relatively high.
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  15. nutdog

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    Food prices are not higher. There is no inflation. The economy is good. These are not the droids you're looking for.
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    Obviously the drought in the U.S. this past year has affected those prices. Move closer to the beef and chickens. :D
  17. Win
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    They're made from the same stuff.
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    Please tell me this is some king of joke.:bawl:
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    Not all bourbon, just the premium brands. Old Grand Dad and Wild Turkey won't be affected. It's Maker's Mark, Knob Creek and such that are affected.
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