Why is a single 2x10 all of a sudden working (for me) as a stand alone cab?

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  1. I have been using 210's since the beginning of my bass playing days for practice at home and quieter genre gigs. For rock music with a second guitarist I have been able to gig with one with help from good onstage monitoring. Never have I been able to practice in our practice room with the whole band and just use the 210. The guitarists don't use the 4x12s for practice anymore and the drummer has a screen. Praise the lord. We have been working in reducing practice volume for a while now. But for me the 210 was still not clear enough by itself so it always got used in combination with a 115. I upgraded the tired original speakers with basslites a while back and this put life back into the the old 210tx 4ohm cab. However with my mk VIII and classic 400 using it alone still just didn't cut it. Having a fair few amps and a "travel light" gig coming up I grabbed the mini max and the 210 to my surprise clear audible bass without the 115. What has happened? I was using the T40 as apposed to the precision but have a feeling the head gets more cut out of that cab before it breaks up what is happening? I was pretty chuffed to be honest as that's a one trip load in/out for me. Volume of practice has not decreased songs are the same. Drummer still hits hard.... Ony difference is the mini max and the T40....is the minimax just pushing more mids? I knew it cut well in the mix but this surprised me to say the least. Please explain TB ;)
  2. You got it. It might even have a HPF on the woofy lowest bit.
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  3. Different EQ?
  4. I used set as I always do but without the 115 and using the t40. I have several rigs and heads and mainly use the mini as backup so I have little experience with this combination since the speaker upgrade....:)
  5. Yes I Wondered this. The amp is allot Less boomy than the others can be. Also the gimmiky Psycho acoustic button I have been very critical of makes a noticeable difference with this cab..... All in all a learning experience for me ;) guess I am gonna have trawl through HPF mega thread now if it helps that much....
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  6. Setting different amps at the same number, or O'Clock setting on the EQ is no guarantee that the EQ is the same between amps.
    The numbers on controls mean squat.
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    A buddy of mine has been playing big gigs with a single Schroeder 210 for years. Bar gigs, festivals, everything. He gets a lot of mid-rangey bite onstage which helps him hear it. It also helps when the sound man is all about the woofy mud likes lots of sound men.
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    HPFs are also known as low cut or rumble filters. Prolly could add boom cut or mud cut to the list.:thumbsup:

    Check out the mega thread, first post and the later ones where I'm highlighting success stories from around TB.

    My Broughton always-on adjustable HPF really does clear up my tone, protect the speakers and make it easier to cut through!

    Being in a tiny pedal format and variable means you can use it with any rig. Hey, put one on your guit players rig and set it around 120hz. Clean up his tone and keep him out of the low end. (like that will ever happen, lol)

    Happy HPFing!
  9. Everything on 11..... ;) Have had my other amps in all manner of eq settings and think its of course playing a role as the others will be inevitibly be eq'd differently. I keep the mini max always in the same ball park eq wise but never used it at higher volume with just the 210......
  10. Can the same or similar effect be achieved with a graphic or low shelving controls? I guess they don't completely cut the selected frequency as the HPF does. I always used these to match up the amp and cab... Will dig into that monster thread then I guess .........
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    Here you go:

    @RicPlaya said:Geez, now I'm all freaked out cuz I don't have a HPF
    Maybe there is something wrong with me.
    But I find the notion of using a HPF ridiculous.
    Every bass player or sound guy should know how to use an eq or turn down the lows.

    @agedhorse said:
    There are 2 important reasons for using a proper HPF.

    The first, to prevent damage to speakers from high powered amps sending frequencies below the cabinet's capabilities (where power handling falls very quickly).

    The second, to roll off low frequencies for tonal or clarity reasons.

    Both of these applications use a totally different kind of filters than simple tone controls and eq, in fact, the slopes and Q's are generally MUCH higher.
  12. Given to me on a silver platter many thanks. Which one do I need for the other amps? Broughton seems to be popping up allot its got to be small as I just downsized the pedal board....not much of a tapdancer.....
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    Feb 11, 2008
    The Broughton always-on is pretty small: 3.64" wide x 1.75" long x 1.06" tall

    Check it out: https://www.broughtonaudio.com/product-page/always-on-high-pass-filter

    It's the one I picked up.:)
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  14. Broughton links don't work for me. I get the page without any info.
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    • Always On High Pass Filter


    A standard Broughton high pass filter with the bypass switch removed. This design allows a more compact layout, fitting on a single pedal board rail, or even mountable underneath a pedal board.

    The high pass filter is a 12 dB per octave low frequency filter. The knob controls the cutoff frequency and ranges from 25 Hz to 190 Hz. It has the same frequency points as the switched version, but it does not have the frequencies printed around the knob.

    The input impedance is 1MΩ, and the output impedance is 100Ω.

    The High Pass Filter requires a DC power supply (not included). The DC supply should be a standard Boss style connector, center negative polarity. It can accept 9 to 24 volts. Higher voltages will provide more clean headroom. The current draw is approximately 10 mA.

    Dimensions: 3.64" wide x 1.75" long x 1.06" tall

    Always On High Pass Filter
    Price $70.00
    We ship internationally. All orders will be shipped via Canada Post. Shipping is a flat rate no matter how many pedals you purchase. Your shipping cost will appear at check-out.

    mailto:[email protected]
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    I think if you have an ad blocker, sometimes it doesn't work.
  17. Will be after one of those then hope we can get them over here ....
  18. I get the page title and a message that the site is being updated..... Will mail and see if they have an EU distributor.....
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    Feb 11, 2008

    We ship internationally.

    All orders will be shipped via Canada Post.

    Shipping is a flat rate no matter how many pedals you purchase.

    Your shipping cost will appear at check-out.