Why no channel switching on Darkglass

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  1. I don't own a Darkglass. I really really love the sound. When I stop being a broke teenager and get some money that will be the first new piece of music gear I buy (after strings).

    I am trying to decide what model to get, and if I have the money, I think I'd like to get the B7K.

    The biggest problem that I'm having switching to this is that I like having switchable channels. 2 would be nice and 3 would be better. There are some passages where I really like to have a gnarly chainsaw tone, some where I like a fat round sound, and somewhere in between, and it's often important that I change those tones quickly between sections. Here's a song where I could use it: https://www.facebook.com/amatterofhonor/app_2405167945 (A Matter of Freedom) No hating on the production quality, it's only a demo haha

    Start out on heavy, go to fat/warm at the first clean break, back into heavy, and then into heavier, back to first heavy, and then at the heavy break with the pinch harmonics into a really pushed grind tone.

    That would be 4 channels but I could make do with 3. The problem is, if I got it as a pre-amp and distortion pedal, I'd want the clean available to me through the EQ, not just bypassing the pedal.

    I do have a Sansamp Bass Driver deluxe with 3 channels and I am toying around with the idea of setting each one to different drive levels and using it to push the Darkglass to different levels.

    But if Darkglass made a separate footswitch stomp box or even had a larger sized unit that had more channels on it I would be all over that.

    What do you guys think?
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    Yeah, I wouldn't mind a BK7 with the preset options of the VT Bass Deluxe :D :bassist:
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    It'd be pretty great. But they are built so well. And in a really tight space. I feel like they are in the smallest housing they could be in. So adding more foot switches or parts would just make it bigger and more expensive. I have a B3K and a VMT, and im totally considering buying another B3k or B7. So I hear ya man. Get a B3K. Put it before your Sans Amp in your chain. You'll be stoked.
  4. I would absolutely buy a larger "deluxe" pedal if it could do multiple presets. It's not for everybody but the only pedal I use is a sansamp and a multi channel one might replace it entirely
  5. I have a dirt stack similar to this. My dirt runs as such

    Wren and Cuff Phat Phuk B-> DG B3K-> B7K-> EBA Beast

    With the PPB always on, I have my FX loops setup so that the B7K is on when I turn on my dirt and then I can stack my B3K into it, or Beast after to get different levels of that beautiful Darkglass grit. It's a lil pricey and there are many other variances to obtain the sound, but it's possible.

    That said, starting with a B7K can open up future endeavors/experiments by stacking it with dirt pedals you never thought you'd try/own. And it can go anywhere in your chain. Put it last to have it be a part of your "always on" tone. Or bust it and the beginning of your chain and crank that puppy all the way, or anything in between. If you like the sound of the Darkglass, save your chedda bits and drop that ****. You can always stack on it later.