Why not an Eastwood Delta 8 Octave Bass?

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  1. Hi there TB'ers,
    This is my first post on here, I do love reading all the stuff that shows up here within my range of interests, but have finally been inspired to seek others opinions on my quest for my own ideal bass.
    I have sent this idea to eastwoodguitars.com and have been told that the idea has some merit and it would be forwarded up their chain of command (ya, ex-military member here). I love the idea of how the company tries to offer people the unusual guitars/basses we have lusted over or have seen in our brains, but have never been available other than very expensive, custom made options.
    I first saw that the Delta 4 existed back in late-2019, but it was no longer available for purchase at the time. I loved the concept, but have enough short-scale options and could not see buying another one. As time progressed, my obsession turned to the idea of the 8-string octave bass. I know that some pro players used 12-string octave basses, but they kind of seemed unruly to a hack player like myself, but the sound from an 8-string was pretty awesome, while seemingly much more playable to us mere mortals.
    Now, probably due to the Covid pandemic, it seems near impossible to find one of the two commercially available 8-strings, the ESP Ltd B-208sm (B-208SM) or the Hagstrom H8ii (H8-II by Hagstrom Guitars of Sweden). Checking with the big retailers here in Canada, it looks like there is a 4 to 5 month wait time before seeing either of these basses. And to me, neither one really is what I would have designed myself. I really like to simple, classic looks of the Hagstrom and their rep for well made instruments, but am not big on the 30.75" scale and only 3-bolt attachment of that short neck, specially having the tension of 8 strings. I like the longer 34" scale of the ESP and the 6-bolt attachment of the neck, but although spalted maple is beautiful, the over esthetics of the bass is not really something that excites me.
    So, what I submitted to Eastwood was to use the existing design of the Delta 4 bass, but make it an 8-string octave bass with a 32" scale length to add a bit more tension to the strings, but not so much as to have to make a super chunky neck to deal with the extra tension. To me, this would be my "wet dream" bass. I already have a few semi-hollow body basses in both short and long scale lengths, but think the tone of a resonator would add a completely new dimension to the whole thing, along with the mid-scale length to improve playability.
    If this idea appeals to you too, could you please message Eastwood and mention that you are interested in this idea. The email address to use is: [email protected] , using Delta 8 in your subject line.
    If you think I am completely off my rocker on this one, feel free to let me know here too. I have thick skin, and don't take things too personally. I appreciate any valid input, if you have any other ideas that might make this more likely to be put into production, say so, I will support anything that can make this bass come to life.

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    Dec 9, 2017
    If you have an adventurous luthier in your area, they might give it a try. A fellow near me was willing to turn my Fender BG 29 into an 8-string. I also have a Hagstrom 8. It was a prototype for the first reissue. It has features different from the production models, and I got it before the production models were in the stores. I play short-scale basses, so the scale length isn't an issue for me.