Why, oh Why Did I Have to Visit Kiesel's Showroom?

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    Nov 19, 2015
    Sunny California
    I'm down here for the JO water polo tournament going on in and around Irvine, and have my son visit the grand parents. I thought it would be fun to visit Kiesel's showroom yesterday.

    We had a great experience trying out not just the basses, but the sample of amps Kiesel keeps in the showroom... Tone Hammer 500, Darkglass 900, TCE 550, TecAmp, Markbass, and PJB.

    Loved the Darkglass the best, and so did my son. Paired with a TCE 2x10 cabinet, I found it not just easy to dial in a tone I like, but also very versatile. A close 2nd was the Tone Hammer paired with 2 1x12 Aguilar speakers that were super light.

    I really didn't find the baked-in tone to the degree I imaged after reading here about Tone Hammers, although it was not comparable to the Darkglass in terms of versatility. I could play either and be happy.... really happy if I could not leave the speakers at the church but have to schlep those to/from every time.

    The one issue I had with the Tone Hammer was to get some good grind by dialing up the gain knob, the master volume became too sensitive to smaller movement as I was using it. Maybe I was using it wrong to get that grind. Whereas, the Darkglass has blend knobs which left the sensitivity alone for the master volume, or so it seemed to me.

    I didn't care much for the TecAmp Puma. Nothing wrong with the amp as it performed well and was the smallest in the bunch. It just was not for me. It was paired with TecAmp's 2x12. Same for the others as well.

    So you ask why am I posting this in the bass forum? It's because I went back today and came out with a Vanquish 5-string.

    Started testing the amps with a black JB5 that really didn't appeal to me. The single coil neck PU was outstanding, but I did not care much for the bridge PU as I felt it seemed over-matched by the neck PU. It also was well over 10 pounds and felt significantly heavy to me.

    So I traded it for a V59K, and I knew instantly this was a great bass. Went in today, and the guys in the showroom saw me walk in and said they put more cables in the bass room and go and help myself. I went in and plugged the V59K into the Tone Hammer for one more quick check, and carried it to the counter because there's a sign that says my wife called and said I could have any bass in the showroom.

    I'll post pics early next week when I get back up to home in San Jose. No amp or audio interface down here in SoCal. Almost dying to get home.
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    You went there to take photos of stuff & post them, but so far it looks like you failed :roflmao:
    next week? :bored:
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  3. I saw on the Kiesel/Carvin Facebook page today that they were posting out a really smart Brian Bromberg model. Do they still offer the Bunny Brunel model?
  4. Brunel is with ESP now
  5. 74hc


    Nov 19, 2015
    Sunny California
    Give me a break. I went there and took plenty of pics for everyone on TB.

    To help you wait until Monday, here you go. ;)

    I did not see a BB7x model up on the wall, and did not ask if they are making those. I image one can still order a custom one, but probably with a different nomenclature.

    No LB75 or LB76 on the wall that I found either. Wasn't Basscliff saying that he was eying one to replace his old Carvin earlier this year or last?

    I had thought I would check the Icon series and order one over the phone later this year. Getting a vanquish didn't cross my mind until I picked one up and played it. I was thinking it would be down to a IC5, LB5, or JB5 that I would get. I learned in about 5 to 10 minutes of playing the black JB5 that it was not for me.

    The IC5 was very good as well, but I did not like the zebra wood top and fretboard.

    One of the guys helping me yesterday was 4th generation Kiesel.

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    I too was surprised by how much I liked the Vanquish I played. Looks a little funky but really feels great to play and sounds great too. On my own GAS backburner.

    I would say Happy new bass day but you know the rule. No pics, no bass... :D
  7. Congrats! But wouldn't you rather have customized your own Vanquish?

    EDIT: Actually, I understand. Looking at the basses in stock, I see quite a few that I'd grab if I needed a bass!
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    Jan 8, 2010
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    Kiesel has completely stepped up their game over the past few years. Follow them on Instagram and you'll see they're capable of some insane things.