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Why only one speakon connector?

Discussion in 'Amps and Cabs [BG]' started by Hopkins, Nov 3, 2012.

  1. Hopkins

    Hopkins Supporting Member Commercial User

    Nov 17, 2010
    Houston Tx
    Owner/Builder @Hopkins Guitars
    Why do they still make amps today with just one Speakon connection?

    I just picked up a used tube amp (Eden E300T) though its not new, its not old either. Its got one Speakon and two 1/4" phone connections. My GK 410 NEO cabs have one Speakon, and one 1/4" connection. So no matter what, I am stuck with using a 1/4" connection, either plugged into the amp or daisy chained out of the cab. Its not a huge deal, but I much prefer using Speakon because I think its a much safer connection.
  2. I can't speak for every amp/cab out there but it seems pretty
    common to me for the amp to have one Speakon connector.
    If the cab is 8 ohms, it often has two Speakon connectors so
    you can daisy chain it.
    If the cab is 4 ohms, it often has one Speakon connector.

    There are probably countless exceptions to these rules but I
    see this a lot.
  3. john m

    john m Supporting Member

    Jan 15, 2006
    Space requirements (including inside the box).

    Cost (including labor to make connections).
  4. StereoPlayer


    Aug 29, 2010
    Sometimes the head has two speakon outs...
  5. bobcruz


    Mar 10, 2004
    Alameda, CA
    For this reason I made a custom Speakon cable--the amp connector has two cables leading to a connector one each end for the cabs. It looks like a "V". One leg of the V is shorter since it only has to reach the top cab. Easy to make and no soldering required with Speakons.
  6. rapidfirerob

    rapidfirerob Fusion rules!

    Genz Benz=two speakon outs. :)
  7. GK = two speakon outs :)
  8. Growly Lytes

    Growly Lytes

    Dec 4, 2009
    Downunder Oz
    Bass player
    I just took my cabs in & got speakon connections put in the cabs.
    Amp has 2 stereo & parallel speakon outputs & the cabs had only 1/4'.
    Companies should open their eyes just a little.
  9. Hopkins

    Hopkins Supporting Member Commercial User

    Nov 17, 2010
    Houston Tx
    Owner/Builder @Hopkins Guitars
    Yeah, I was using a 700rb before I got a tube amp.