Why so many Old Smoothie's used for sale and is the Butterscotch ugly?

Discussion in 'Basses [BG]' started by Gadgetech, Apr 4, 2018.

  1. TjMetalhead


    Oct 19, 2011
    New Mexico
    There's a reason why they decided to go with the classic music man pickups we still see today back in 1976. I personally think the old smoothie sounds too much like a Fender like others had said, and this might be trivial but I do not like the way the pickup looks with the poles mimicking P and J pickups. It would be nice to get a proper late 1970's Musicman re-issue one day.
  2. 4SG


    Mar 6, 2014
    Matt Umanov closed?!? Damn, that's a shame. Bought a Strat from them in 1987. Never thought they'd go under. Don't tell me Chelsea Music is gone too.
  3. FirewalZ


    Aug 14, 2014
    S.E. Michigan
    I have the same story, bought a 3 band Stingray in 1996 and it was my main bass for about 10 years. Took a long break from playing, and when I started back up again, I to lost favor with the aggressive and bright tone, so it rarely got stage time. However, I've been experimenting with flats, and so far really digging it. I have a set of Group III's on order.
  4. funkymonk13

    funkymonk13 Supporting Member

    Aug 22, 2014
    I played one at guitar center when they first came out. The felt incredible and i liked the sound better than regular stingrays.

    Its all a matter of preference. Probably a lot of people impulse buy, then they have to sell. isnt that the whole thing here at talkbass?
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  5. Holdsg

    Holdsg Talkbass > Work Gold Supporting Member

    Sep 10, 2009
    Alta Loma, CA
    I owned one for a week in 2017, bought used and re-sold on ebay, I believe.
    Tried it, realized it reminded me why I am not a Stingray guy in the first place. whether "smooth" or not, it's not the tone that pleases my ears, so I let it go to the next guy.
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  6. armybass

    armybass Gold Supporting Member

    Jul 19, 2001
    Well mine isn’t for sale. It’s just about the best feeling and playing Stingray I have ever owned. And that is saying a lot.
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  7. armybass

    armybass Gold Supporting Member

    Jul 19, 2001
    I have several EBMM Basses and most of them wear flats. Whether it be LaBella’s, GHS or TIs. I always get great tones with My EBMM Basses with flats. My Old Smoothie wears rounds though.
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  8. If you see one for sale buy it - they're great. They do all the standard 2 band Stingray stuff but can sit in the mix beautifully - indeed I heard mine on a couple of videos and it's a very nice vintage, fat sound. You have to remember the 2 band pre amp had several iterations in the 70s - you could view this as based on the first iteration (pre Louis Johnson involvement) and combined with the pick up arrangement makes for slightly less aggressive tones than say a 79 Stingray. They're a gorgeous, quality bass. Well worth having.

    As for butterscotch, this was a colour done on Stingrays in the early 90s as a 'custom colour' - a bit like the trans White of that era - those basses are very rare. So it's kind of cool they've resurrected it on the Old Smoothie. Anyway here's mine (ps it has a great slap sound as well - and did you know it has an epoxy coated pre amp as per the bass it's modelled on?)

    image.jpeg image.jpeg image.jpeg
  9. 2tonic


    Dec 22, 2015

    I like it, too!.
    (But then, I'm part Butter, so not unbiased.) :whistle:
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  10. RoyGBass

    RoyGBass Thumper & Twanger

    May 4, 2014
    New York, New York
    I am one of the current sellers. I got mine on EBay from someone like me. I had to try it from the minute I heard of it. If anything just to hear the difference. It is everything I expected it to be. Stingray tone with a bit less bite. super clean sounding.
    Thing is, I found myself playing in a trio with organ/drums and no guitar. So I am the the noise maker of the bunch. I realized my 3 Band HH fit my needs better. I figured it was desirable so might as well pass it on to someone whose music it fits better.
    She is mint. shoot me a MSG if interested.

    Attached Files:

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  11. Tom Howland

    Tom Howland Supporting Member

    Feb 11, 2003
    The "Old Smoothie" is the one Musician I have great interest in. Have not played one yet. Can someone explain the tone difference to say a classic Stingray ?
    Is the Smoothie a 3-ban or 3-ban EQ ?
  12. bassgrackle

    bassgrackle Gold Supporting Member

    Aug 17, 2010
    Same here, 99' stingray was my main bass for over 10 years and then didn't like the aggressive treble. But put flats on a few months ago, and now I wonder why I didn't think of this years ago.

    I also really like the old smoothie. The tone is not nearly as aggressive as the modern stingray, but man the rumble is something special. fullsizeoutput_b307.jpeg
  13. Gadgetech


    Nov 12, 2011
    Cumming, GA
    Man, that BFR is gorgeous.
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  14. MEKer

    MEKer Supporting member

    May 30, 2006
    I almost bought one... but..uh...... I scotched the impulse.
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  15. Rlbragg15


    May 25, 2013
    I played one of these at GC Hollywood when they first came out. The tone was really great, but I had trouble adjusting to the larger pickup width. I typically anchor my thumb a string above the one I'm playing and only anchor on the pickup when playing the E. After years of Rays, J's, and P's, my hand position felt off. I suppose it's something you could get used to though. No doubt these are quality basses.
  16. Much better than the dreaded HaggisGlo. :roflmao:
  17. Gizmot


    Mar 22, 2009
    Nashville area
    After grabbing several basses at the Ernie Ball display at NAMM, I thought I had my next bass narrowed down to a Caprice or a Stringray. Then, EBMM had a significant price increase and that soured me quite a bit. Yeah - I can buy used, but they aren’t much less expensive than the deal I can get on a new one.
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  18. Jim C

    Jim C I believe in the trilogy; Fender, Stingray, + G&L Supporting Member

    Nov 29, 2008
    Bethesda, MD
    I have an 83' (that was $200 used in 86) and a 96' that was also a deal.
    I have used both over the years espeically with some funk and slap and pop.
    I have gone back to a more traditional rock / R&B tone and the SR's have sat as they always felt like a one trick pony compared to a P or J.

    Ironically, I was thinking about selling them both.
    Can't believe I never thought to try flats on these treble monsters.
    Thanks for the tip.
    PS - I don't hear that much of a change in tone the mix from 2-band to 3-band.
  19. mpdd

    mpdd neoconceptualist

    Mar 24, 2010
    See that's the thing, for me to replace my 35 year old bass or 24 year old bass, something would have to not only have incredible tone it would also have to have a neck to die for
  20. Bassists tend to sell stuff for no reason. You'll often see posts on Talkbass about how a certain bass was the best bass they've ever played, fastest neck and all that...and how they sold it anyway.
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