why the difference? Fender Cus. shp '60's vs. Lindy Fralin noiseless?.

Discussion in 'Pickups & Electronics [BG]' started by RIZ, Feb 17, 2005.

  1. Unbelieveable !!

    I just installed a set of Fender Custom shop '60's along with all new solid shaft pots and orange drop capacitor for tone.

    Sounded great comapred to the old p/ups I had....lots more output and growl....thought it was a good upgrade...

    then at practice my guitar player brings in his freshly assembled Warmoth bodied/MIM rosewood neck Jazz with a set of the Lindy Fralin "noiseless" Jazz p/ups..

    So out of courtesy, I plug in and start playing (I'm in blues band)...and :eek: :eek: :eek:

    OMG...!!!! The difference in overall clarity and output is just too much to even compare....makes my "used to sound good" Jazz sound like crap.

    It sounded so good, it made me sound like I am a better player than I really am...honest.

    what's going on here...??? :confused:

    So now my guitar player (who is the leader of the band) wants me to pony up the $240.00 for a set of the same to put in mine or....I can use his anytime I want...but it's just not the same - everyone wants to play their own ax.

    ...and I just paid $130.00 for the '60's I'm running now....

    sigh....... :confused: :confused:
  2. spc


    Apr 10, 2004
    South of Boston
    I've yet to try the CS pickups, I want to though. I had Lindy Fralin single coils in a couple of basses and removed them. I really don't like them. Though they do have some plusses, they just seemed a tad harsh to my ears. They are very defined sounding in the low end, and pretty warm too, I just couldn't tame them I guess. I see a lot of posts about Fralins, but not too many people that have actually used them. I see a bunch of things like "Fralins are great, never tried them, but I've heard they are THE vintage replacement".
    I like Jason Lollar pickups, and try to never miss an opportunity to mention his name, as I think his pickups are great. As for the rest of your post, we bass players always seem to think that someone else's bass sounds better than ours. So many of us on here are changing gear and pickups every minute, it's like a sickness.
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  3. Thx for the feedback...I have not heard of JL p/ups.... hmmm.
    Yeah the CS '60'S definitely have that traditional Jazz growl, especially in the mid's...but the low's are not as defined and lack clarity when A - B'd against the Fralin noiseless.....from my experience.

    The noiseless set are actually two single coils (for hum cancelling) under each p/up cover...which I think is a big reason for the difference in the sound.

    Overall I think the CS'60's jazz p/ups are a great upgrade...but for that vintage "clear round lowend" sound I don't think they are quite on the mark. Great for rock, passable for Blues....but that's just my humble .02
  4. I've had 3-4 guitar pickups rewound by him and one of his pickups that he designed. Great stuff, can't say enough good things about ordering and customer service.
    I've never used Lollar's stuff, but as with the Fralin comments- I've only heard good things about his instruments and his pickups.
  5. r379


    Jul 28, 2004
    Dallas, Texas
    I've got a set of Fralin single coils in a Lakland USA JO I recently bought used. That thing nails the pre CBS Jazz tone.
  6. I'd also recommend Carey Nordstrand's J replacement pickups. He makes a noiseless and a regular single coil set, which I have in my Ken Lawrence 5. I've also had several Osborns with the Fralins and the tone is very similar.
  7. luknfur


    Jan 14, 2004
  8. Sam Vance

    Sam Vance

    Aug 3, 2013
    I have a newer Jazz (American) and I have a MIM IN Lake Placid Blue, Maple neck, with a white Pearloid pick guard (it's so purdy) and the neck has always been great, it was straight when I got it and I've never had to touch it other than some intonation work. I have a friend that owns a recording studio, and this guy has been doing studio work for close to 40 years. My first time in the studio with my jazz he tells me it's one of the best sounding basses he's ever had in his studio. He was telling me he was going to order some Lindy Fralins for one his Jazz basses. I didn't know it but when he ordered the pick ups for his guitar he ordered a set for me for my Precision then he shows up one day with the box, hands it to me and tells me it's a gift. I opened it up it's a brand-new set of Lindy Fralins for my Percision. I really had no complaint with the way the MIM Precision sounded But when I put in those new Fralins, I was blown away. My soundman won't let me use anything else but the PBass. It is so solid, every note is very defined and it has a bit of a low-end growl that just covers the frequency so well. Only way I could be happier is if those free ones were sitting in 1957 PBass in vintage condition. Oh, and the guy who gave me the pick ups shows up at a gig one night that I was playing and tells me every note was as clear as a bell, solid as a rock, he was amazed as well as me with the Fralins. I'm saving up for a set for my Jazz. It's going to be good!
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