Why you love playing with your guitarist or drummer.

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  1. TwentyHz


    Apr 9, 2011
    Dayton, OH
    Ya' know, there's a lot of 'gui****' jokes and drummer gripes on TB, and they are fun and they have their place.

    But I just gotta say: my guitarist brings the artistic maniacal lightning that sparks my imagination and pushes me to the edge. My drummer is an ominous powerhouse that drives me forward like a train.

    We've been playing every week for 6 years and I come away damn near each time feeling grateful that I have such great friends with whom I have such great times.

    Cuz noodling a bass alone at home is a pretty lonely enterprise, and getting all hyped and griped about weekend warrior gigs is pretty un-fun.

    So here's to the guy who practically saws his guitars in half so I can bring him some weekly thunder, and to the one on the throne with whom locking-in becomes a xmas present that gets me through each damn week.

    How 'bout it?
  2. kreider204


    Nov 29, 2008
    WI, USA
    The guitarist I play with is an extraordinarily pleasant and humble young(er) fellow, who is easily the most talented musician with whom I'm ever played. The guy lives and breathes music, practices non-stop, can solo circles around anyone, but never hogs the spotlight. You don't find too many musicians like that.
  3. othefool


    Feb 25, 2004
    Chico, CA
    This is a really nice post to see. So often we turn to the negative, when it is positivity, esp. gratitude that brings positive growth.

    the thing about good times with good friends is relevant. My experience has been that I have played with guitar players who consistently blow my mind and inspire me to learn and grow, both melodically and and artistically.

    I have had differences with some who I have played with, and had to quit with some and be fired by one, but I have never been in a ltr with a mediocre or diva guitarist. Although I have met and "jammed" with plenty. I have been fortunate, and am grateful...

    again, I appreciate this thread.
  4. lbbc

    lbbc Supporting Member

    Sep 25, 2007
    Seaford , DE
    I work in 2 different bands with 2 VERY different guitarists. Neither feels it necessary to take exceptionally long leads....one because he can't the other because he can. Both are great friends of mine...one for over 37 years and the other I've been playing with for the past 17 years. Both bring a chemistry to the band that's hard to beat and both can sing lead and harmony. I'm really thinking about having them both in the same band....
  5. two fingers

    two fingers Opinionated blowhard. But not mad about it. Gold Supporting Member

    Feb 7, 2005
    Eastern NC USA
    I play with lots of both, but there are two standouts.
    Drummer - has toured the world several times over with more than one act. Came back home and hung up his touring boots. Plays locally now and is one of the nicest guys you will ever meet. But his drumming...... holy crap. This guys hits hard, but man can he command a drum kit! He can to everything from rock to funk and plays the crap out of everything. He doesn't try to sound like a machine gun all night. He can hold a groove and build a pocket I can do jumping jacks in! I got to stand in front of him steady for 5 years. Best playing time of my life.

    Guitarist - Played in a band with him for a decade. Not the fastest hands but more style than any musician I have ever worked with. I started playing with him when he was a kid (18). But even then he played the blues and soul music like nobody's business. I'm sure you have heard people talking about a younger person with an "old soul". That's him . He married a country girl and they moved to Nashville. But I get to fill in with them when they come back this way every couple of months. All other guitarists are compared to him when I play. None live up to his playing.

    Great topic!
  6. Phalex

    Phalex Semper Gumby Supporting Member

    Oct 3, 2006
    G.R. MI
    My old drummer and I would screw up together. It was weird, but we'd pull stuff off unintentionally that was impossible to recreate on purpose.

    My gui**** can play kick ass leads, and the rhythm line at the same time. It's weird, but I swear to God he can do it!
  7. PWRL


    Sep 15, 2006
    The two people I enjoy playing with the most are a conga/percussionist and a keyboard player. The reason is that we begin to think and act collectively. They keyboard player and I just naturally get on the same wavelength. We can play a random jam, fall into the right grooves without missing a beat, and end it in a perfect three-point landing. And when the three of us play together, that chemistry and synchronicity just lines up. We just know.
  8. RaginRog

    RaginRog Last guy you want to see is Employee Relations guy

    Nov 29, 2009
    Formerly Staten Island
    Because we tell equally bad jokes and get along great. We've had one argument in the 2.5 years we've played together, and it was settled moments later with mutual apologies and a handshake.
  9. bassinplace


    Dec 1, 2008
    I pretty much just play alone in my bedroom, but I'd hardly call it lonely. I enjoy it quite a bit. I find that few things make for better company than my p bass! ;) Although recently I have met a guitarist and his drummer who are both pretty good and been having fun with them. I really like the shed though. I'm a weirdo! :D
  10. I guess that covers it, plus playing with others kinda forces you to practice on a constant basis and become better at your instrument and in a group setting.
  11. Epitaph04

    Epitaph04 Supporting Member

    Jul 5, 2010
    Never really thoroughly enjoyed playing with any guitarists, but as a drummer, I definitely liked playing with my bassist buddy that used to hang around here. Sure I'd mess up a fill here or there, speed up a section, etc etc, but he'd always be rock solid in the short time we were in the same "group" together. I guess you could say he really held the band together, eh?
  12. My guitarist also happens to be one of my oldest and closest friends. While we've known each other and jammed together for decades (!), its only in the past few months that we've been in the same band, for the very first time! So for me, getting together with that band truly is spending time hanging out with an old and dear friend and sharing music together, and its great.
  13. Noosh


    May 1, 2006
    North Carolina
    Im in a band with some amazing musicians.
    My drummer is hands down the best ibe ever played with. He can do the double bass metal stuff when we need it or he can just hold down a simple beat when we need it. He always seems to know exactly what to play and when to play it.
    My lead guitarist is a phenomenal musician and has a great ear for tone as well. He could solo circles around most of the guitar players ive been around before, but he dosen't use his skill as an excuse to show off either. My rhythm guitarist is another great musician but an amazimg songrwriter as well. I can't help but feel lucky for finding these guys and being a part of the band im in right now.
  14. The drummer I practice most with is the guy I learnt to play bass while playing along with, so it's always awesome, my style is shaped by his playing to a large degree, and so we always lock in well.

    The other guy I play with often is an absolutely incredible musician that always pushes me to play with variety due to the nature of his playing; so many different styles and types.

    Both great guys and wonderful to play with.

    I don't have any guitarist currently that I just jam freely much outside of a band commitment.
  15. KalTM


    Mar 8, 2011
    Milwaukee, WI
    The drummer is my brother, and without our band I probably wouldn't see him nearly as much as I do now, and my guitarist is a long time friend who does all of our recording/mixing/etc. Both relationships are great and practices are the highlights of my week!

  16. Mike M.

    Mike M.

    Feb 14, 2010
    I only play at church. While we pretty much have designated "teams" we do play with others from time to time. One guitarist in particular from another team was on our team last Sunday and he just amazes me. Young guy...I'm guessing he's in his mid 20's...and he's all about taste and tone. This guys tone gives me goose bumps. Knows what to play, what not to play and knows (and I mean he really knows) how to use effects. By far the best player there and I really look forward to having this guy play with us sometime in the future.

    The drummer and I have been with each other for about 6 months now and we're really starting to develop a good communication with our playing.
  17. TwentyHz


    Apr 9, 2011
    Dayton, OH
    Me too. In a way, my bandmates are my biggest musical influences. The tone, style, approach I seek is not the famous guy's; it's whatever works as the fit with them / us.
  18. Kmonk


    Oct 18, 2012
    South Shore, Massachusetts
    Endorsing Artist: Fender, Spector, Ampeg, Curt Mangan Strings
    I have known my guitarist for over 30 years and we started our first project together about 1 year ago. He is very talented, very easy going and plays what is right for the song. He has many guitars and amps and always seems to get the correct tone. I never have to ask him to turn down. In fact, I usually ask him to turn up. I can make suggestions or criticize what he does without getting into an argument. Our drummer and the entire band (5 piece) have the same type of personalities. Nobody gets upset if another member makes a suggestion. We are open to trying anything and always want to do what's right for the song and the band.
  19. I've never appreciated guitarist or drummer jokes.

    A close bond forms when you play with a group for awhile. The band I used to play with was a 3-piece (and later a 4-piece, but more on that later.)

    While 3-piece, I gelled really well with the guitarist and drummer. Became very good friends to this day, although we're each now located in different Canadian provinces.

    The transition from 3-piece to 4-piece requires a little band history. Before I joined the band, I was already a local fan. Even at that time, I thought all the band members were cool. Later I learned the guitarist & bassist exchanged unpleasantries and he left. I still thought the bassist was cool. It wasn't like I jumped at the chance to audition. A little time passed & people were a little worried the band might break up, which was when I asked if I could try out.

    Fast forward a few years and we were doing well. We decided to look for a 2nd guitarist. One by one, the people trying out didn't really seem to fit in. Then one day the guitarist called me to say their old bassist was interested and if I felt comfortable with him as the 2nd guitarist. Of course, it was fine with me. I had already respected him as a bass player, so I thought it'd be cool. We then became a solid 4-piece band. Him being a former bassist (and most likely kept up his chops), we had a very tight rhythm section.
  20. Dave W

    Dave W Supporting Member

    Mar 1, 2007
    White Plains
    The drummer and guitarist/singer in my band are both fantastic musicians. Great ears, great chops, and fun to hang out with. I've got nothing to complain about with them.

    They are also very supportive of making sure that bass is in the forefront of everything that we do. I think each of us is very supportive of each instrument though, and we have to be because we're a power trio.