Wide neck 5 cheap!!!

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  1. Hey All,
    Here is an Aria Pro II Avante 5 for sale. The neck mesures 3&1/16" at the 24th fret, and 1&3/4" at the nut. It has a nice 2 piece solid ash body finished in an attractive Blueburst finish. It has a 1 piece maple neck, with a nice rosewood board sporting 24 frets that show no ware at all. There are a few scatches in the finish, but nothing to terrible. Has a pair of J pick up's and an active circuit. The controls are, Master volume, Pick up Pan, Bass, Mid, and trebel. The only problem, on the master volume, it is a split shaft pot and one of the prongs broke off so, it will not hold the knob on. The good news, the pot is not circuit mounted so you can replace the pot. It does work fine as is. The bass plays real well, and sounds nice too. I am not a 5 string guy. Plus I just made a 4 string purchases so, I need to recoop some cash. There is no case but, it will be packed very well.

    I will take $249.00, and include UPS ground shipping in the USA.
    So, if you are in need of a back up, or first 5, I think you will be very happy with this.

    Please E-mail me at repairsbyjoeeg@aol.com

  2. The bass also has black Gotoh hardware. The bridge looks like the Sadowsky bridge.
  3. Bump, with a better PIC of the body.
  4. OK, let's have some fun. I am cleaning house, getting ready to move. So, whom ever buys the Aria pro II will also get this Kinal neck&body for FREE. When the bass was together it was an OK player. I could never get it to play the way I like so, I took the parts off and sold them. Now it could be yours for free.

    OK, the fun part. The first reply to repairsbyjoeeg@aol.com, will receive the Aria, and the Kinal for $249.00. Shipping included via UPS ground.