Wierd sounds coming from my bass

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  1. I just installed my J-retro/pickups today and for some reason my bass is sounding wierd. When I play freted notes on the E string and the upper neck of the G-string it sounds like I have a flanger pedal on. I changed my EMG's out for the Fender CS 60s pickups and I notice the poles don't fall between the strings if that makes a difference. I also get some hiss when I turn boost the highs, turn on passive mode, and when I play around with the blend pot.
  2. As an owner of a J-retro, I'm going to direct you over to the Dudepit to get an answer to your question. John East - the man behind the J-retro - has a forum over there and he is just the man to answer your questions. You'll also find lots more info on the J-retro as it's used by many of the pitters.

    Hope this helps
  3. I wouldn't worry too much about it - I get comments all the time when I'm playing - like "...jeesus! what the hell are those weird sounds coming out of that guy's bass???"

    I just ignore them ;)

    - Wil
  4. The weird sound could be that one of your pickups is wired out of phase with the other (like the in-between positions on a Strat). I'd just check everything carefully against a wiring diagram, there are tons on the Web.
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    Feb 26, 2003
    wow.. someone else has my problem.. haha.. i wired my crappy squier p special(gimme a break, i was a broke, lefty bassist).. and i wired it like a p bass with a seymour duncan quarter pounder.. my e string does that flanger thing to.. its annoying..
  6. I found out the problem with the flanger effect. Your pickups may be set too high. I lowered my pickups and the flanger effect went away.