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Wierd speaker issue during show??

Discussion in 'Live Sound [BG]' started by BKuettel, Jul 22, 2012.

  1. BKuettel


    Apr 8, 2011
    Oneonta, NY
    I have never had this problem with my bass rig before. There could be numerous reasons/variables that could have led to this, so I will try and explain everything as best as I can. Bear with me people.

    Last night I played a show in the basement of a small sized gig. Before I went on I noticed that the wall outlets aren't grounded.

    Okay, no problem! I got a furman in the rig so I'm not too worried about anything. Didn't give it a second thought.

    So it comes time to set up. I get my gear all set up and turn it on. I'm not using PA support but I don't worry too much because its not a sizable venue. I get stuck next to the PA speaker. Whatever, no big deal, I have never had a problem before. So I turn it on. I'm running:

    Ampeg svt 4
    Bbe 362 sonic maximizer,
    Korg dtr 1000


    Ampeg b series 4x10 (2 eminence speakers installed)
    Ampeg b series 1x15 (eminence speaker installed)

    with a

    Warwick Corvette
    Sansamp BDDI Bass driver

    Turned her on and...

    Nothing :crying:

    I got a deep bass sound as feedback from my speakers. My mute light and limit light were solid. I had checked the cables and the way they were hooked up and everything was fine. I have no idea what happenned???

    I turned it off and hooked up my 4x10 alone without the pedal. FINALLY, I get some notes. However I was still a little po'ed because I couldnt use the 1x15 or my pedal. The sound wasn't very loud and my limit light kept coming on before I could get a decent volume. :(

    So I am looking to hear some reasons why possibly my rig F***ed up on me. It has never done these things before and I am really surprised it did. I would really like to hear the opinions of some experienced folks here!

  2. Keithwah


    Jan 7, 2011
    Milwaukee WI
    One thing I've seen happen is that there might have been too big a drain on the power circuit (not just that outlet, but also any other outlet sharing the circuit). If your pedals use a wall wart, it could be there wasn't enough clean voltage left to drive its power supply. I've had rack mount and pedal effects do similar weird things in those scenarios. The Furman primarily offers some surge or voltage spike protection, but it does little for under powering situations. And those situations can toast wall wart power supplies as well on occasion.
  3. I've also had some weird experiences due to low voltage, a cheap voltage tester can check this. The worst was when the venue hit the dimmer switch driving half our gear crazy. Hope it's something that simple.
  4. uhdinator


    Apr 20, 2010
    more than likely its low amperage that causes problems.
    If amperage is below what a given device needs it will not power up. Could have had several outlets on stage all on one circuit. Now add a couple power strips and you're sharing 15 amps on a dozen devices/amps/pedals etc.
    Usually to much amperage draw or too low a voltage will trip the furmans breaker though.

    Your amp may have a protection built in to it that detected no ground and went into fault mode too.
    I usually use good power strips that indicate if there is a correct ground. If not i'll run a 50' ext cord to another room if I have to.

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