Wife Forces Sale of One of Two Basses!

Discussion in 'Basses [BG]' started by rickreyn, Sep 10, 2001.

  1. rickreyn


    Jun 16, 2000
    Lutz, Florida
    Not really, but she suggests I only have two hands. Wanting always to keep the peace, my choice is between a brand new black and maple Stingray 5 or a beautiful 7 month old Carvin LB75P. Now before you select, another option would be none of the above (sell both and buy...). I am considering Bartolini's in the Carvin if I keep it. Help!
  2. CS


    Dec 11, 1999
    you have two options sell the wife or sell the Carvin. Keep the Stingray even though maple necks are evil.
  3. ThunderStik

    ThunderStik Guest

    Jun 25, 2001
    Claremore OK.
    Did you get rid of one of your nuts already too (2 nuts is just too many you only need 1). Dude thats wrong as a football bat, tell her to be glad theres not more. Im not a dick about that stuff to my wife but I put up with her stuff so she can put up with mine, and 2 basses is very acceptable, there are some battles that I give up so I can win the ones that count and thats one of those you want to win.
  4. Well, which one do YOU like better?

    For me I'd say keep the Music Man. I moved from a Carvin LB75 to the Stingray 5 and for me there's no comparison maple fingerboard and all. :p
  5. rickreyn


    Jun 16, 2000
    Lutz, Florida
    I can tell I will be receiving some interesting marriage counseling here!
  6. Cogno

    Cogno Guest

    Jun 11, 2001
    I've been married 3 times. I have 8 Basses and about 7 other odd instruments and 5 bass rigs.
  7. jcadmus

    jcadmus Guest

    Apr 2, 2000
    I had the "why do you need two basses" conversation with my Dad once.

    I asked him if he would ever play a round of golf with just one club...

    That put an end to the discussion.
  8. Luis Fabara

    Luis Fabara

    Aug 13, 2000
    Ecuador (South America)
    Audio Pro - Ecuador
    Ask her if she is willing to sell her Shoe Collection, and retain only 1 Pair of Sports shoe´s and one Formal type of Shoe.

    Now if she says yes, you can still tell her, well You have 2!! I will have 2!
  9. Keep the Musicman. I haven't played any Carvins, so I can't comment on their sound, but, I can't imagine anything sounding better than the two Stingrays and one Sterling I played a few weeks ago. Let's face it guys, if you're married or have a serious girlfriend, you can't do everything you want. In order to promote domestic tranquility, I think it's commendable that Rick would even consider selling one of his axes. Good man, Rick.

    Mike J.
  10. sounds like a mutually beneficial marriage ;)
  11. Phil Smith

    Phil Smith Mr Sumisu 2 U

    May 30, 2000
    Peoples Republic of Brooklyn
    Creator of: iGigBook for Android/iOS
    I think it's commendable as well that Rick is willing to make that sacrafice though owning two basses really should'nt be something that upsets domestic tranquility.
  12. boogiebass


    Aug 16, 2000
    There's two kinds of bass players in this world: the kind that listen to comments like that from their wives and takes them seriously...and the rest of us. As to Carvin's vs. Stingray's, you're kidding, right??? Son, you need more help than we can ever give you!:)
  13. Hategear

    Hategear Workin' hard at hardly workin'.

    Apr 6, 2001
    Appleton, Swissconsin
    Man, you're cracked! Don't sell either of 'em until she threatens something drastic! With proper care, your basses can stay nice for the rest of your life, giving you something of meaning and value to pass on to your children (or their children). In most cases, they actually get better with age. Your wife on the other hand, no matter how hard she tries, will get old and wrinkly and will never sound or perform quite like she did the day you found her. :D

    Just some thoughts -- all in good fun, but with a hint of seriousness behind every word. ;)
  14. rickreyn


    Jun 16, 2000
    Lutz, Florida
    The dilemma is that the Carvin is built out of good woods, has tons of variables, plays well and looks fantastic. However, as has been said here in the past, I played it yesterbay and wanted to run away from the big HB pickup. That's the big issue. Yes, I know where the Stingray stands in the music world, and I would be hard pressed to part with it, unless I knew I could get another one in a heartbeat from Bass Central. Regarding the wife, she has lived through, oh, say 10 guitar purchases over the past 20 years, and she is just observant. Only one guitar seems to get played in reality.
  15. SlapDaddy

    SlapDaddy Guest

    Mar 28, 2000
    You've been using carvin for awhile,right? I would think by now you could 'make' one just the way you wanted(barts,etc). Proverbs 31:11
  16. MJB

    MJB Guest

    Mar 17, 2000
    Dude, you have to have at least 2 basses. If one croaks on you at least you can still play.

    :( :eek:
  17. You really do need a backup, ya know!
  18. My wife said " If you get one more bass I'm leaving!" Damn I miss her and then again maybe not! Three basses keep me company and only speake when stroked!!!!:D :D
  19. jasonbraatz

    jasonbraatz Supporting Member

    Oct 18, 2000
    Milwaukee, WI
    hehe...sell your bass, buy a disheveled vw beetle and start restoring it in your garage. that'll teach her to intrude in such matters.

  20. CrawlingEye

    CrawlingEye Member

    Mar 20, 2001
    Easton, Pennsylvania
    This seems to be quite a decision...

    Is getting new electronics for your wife an option? If so, I think she'd work better with a good SD basslines 3 band preamp in her. Either that, or sell her. :D ;) :D