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Wild Gig Last Night

Discussion in 'Bass Humor & Gig Stories [BG]' started by JWC, Nov 4, 2000.

  1. JWC

    JWC Banned

    Oct 4, 2000
    The Full Moon was out, and the crazies were in the house. This guy was dancing on top of the bar with this chick and the guy got slammed in the head by the ceiling fan. Then you had the frat boys in town from college. Never ones to refrain from binge drinking, the sheep....err frat boys were drunker than hell. One of them leaped up on stage and did a huge stage dive. Problem was, no one was standing there. This stupid son of a bitch fell flat on his face. One thing that I found funny was when one drunken sigma alpha geekalon member almost knocked over the PA speakers. The bouncer came running over to throw him out but the owner stepped in the middle and asked the guy to chill out. When the bouncer turned his head the guy started shaking his ass at the bouncer with his tounge hanging out. Anyway, you gotta love those drunks.

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