SOLD Wilkinson 3D Bass Bridge w/ screws '80's Vintage! 149.00

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    Sep 5, 2010
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    This is an '80's Vintage, Made-In-USA Wilkinson Bass Bridge. It is the more rare "matte black" version. This has 4 fully-adjustable saddles that can be adjusted, width-wise, to your liking. It also has enough extra room to install another saddle for a 5 string setup (there are actually 5 set screws in back, just for this option). This bridge also sports an "upper" and a "Lower" string mount option.
    This comes with the original black mounting screws. Looking For $149obo, shipped.

    I also have a similar bridge, but with a Black Baseplate and Chrome Saddles....... but one of the lower mount ears is broken off. If you need parts or? Just lemme know.

    ALSO, I will not be available to ship anything out from Friday AM to Tuesday, PM (7/15-7/19)

    PayPal or cash only. Thanks for looking!

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