Will drop A tuning damage my 1x15?

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  1. I've been experimenting with different tunings recently and one I particularly like involves the bottom string being de-tuned to A (octave below the standard A). I find that my 1x15 peavey handles it well, I get a loud, floor rumbling growl from it which sounds amazing. I've only been playing at low volumes, but if was to turn it up to the 210watt max, would I risk damaging the woofer? The EQ only goes to 40hz lowest, and I'm pretty sure that the low A is below that.
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    I can't answer the question with a simple yes or no, but I can explain the possible problem.

    A ported speaker by design rapidly rolls off in response below the tuning frequency of the port. If you try to increase the level of those rolled-off frequencies by boosting them with EQ you can easily blow the speaker.

    So what does that mean if you try running that open A through your cab? Well, the lowest frequency will be 27.5 Hz which I'm sure is well below the port's tuning point. However, if you don't go boosting the bass EQ on the amp it will probably work just fine. After all, an open E string at about 40 Hz is lower than the port tuning of most cabinets but you don't hear of normally tuned 4-stringers blowing speakers every gig.

    If you hear ANY farting though, back off the volume immediately!
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    Brian's got it in one. You biggest concern is speaker excursion. The problem is worse at high volumes so he sensible and you should be OK. As soon as you hear any complaints from the speaker, back off.