Will I have phasing issues by running two cabs in series?

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  1. Hi,

    I'm looking at getting another Acme speaker for my setup. I currently have one 4 ohm flatwound and would like to get another 4 ohm fullrange to put on top. These will run through a series box to let my Orange ad200b run at 8 ohms.

    I'm told that running 2 cabs in series can cause phasing issues if crossovers are involved. Will this setup bring phasing problems? Only one cab will have a tweeter that has a crossover.

    Thanks for the help.
  2. I don't know what a flatwound cab is, just for starters.
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    Just the name of a given series, like "SVT" or "Backline", Acme has the "Flatwound" series.
  4. Yeah, flatwound is the name of the speaker. Basically, one cab is a single 4 ohm and the other is a single 4 ohm with a tweeter. I will run them in series to see an 8 ohm load.
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    Andy's a TB member, you could PM him if he doesn't see this thread.
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    since we're talking about a tube amp that will actually give full power into an 8Ω load, this could work just fine.

    the phasing wouldn't be an issue if they're run right, just like it isn't an issue inside a cab with two speakers (or speaker pairs) in series, like any 8Ω 4x10 with four 8Ω speakers in it.
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    If the cabs are exactly the same it isn't a problem (though I wouldn't recomment it for high-end hifi). Series wiring is more prone to uneven power distribution when (cheap)drivers have slight manufacturing tolerances which causes them not to have the same impedance response (especially around the Fs). Parallel wiring doesn't have this problem.
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    Or go to the Acme site acmebass.com and ask your question.