Will replace my NYT Mini Humbucker with a starbass Mec humbucker

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  1. 83A9247B-820B-431B-A3FF-6F6C8FB0CD4A.JPG i don't know about you, but i have been very disappointed with the amount of output i get from the bridge pickup on my EB3.
    I have to pluck the strings right in the PU's face to get any close to the volume i have from the neck sidewinder PU.
    Don't know if the pickup is not right for the position. Or if there shouldn't be any PU at all in that position. Epiphone places them too close to the bridge in my humble opinion. So a humbucker in its place will provide Broader sound capturing area where i hope to get some more usefultones from the bridge.

    One question is, should i place the older NYT mini humbucker in the middle? I was hoping to get a precision sound!


    Back to the Starbass humbucker, as you can see it is not installed yet. a brief description can be helpful to you, it costed 210€ at rock-gear.de. Still don't know the color code of the wiring and still don't know if these are AlNiCo or ceramic magnets in it. I ve sent an email. Will post the details if anyone shows any interest. It is slightly bigger then the mudbucker on neck position. Just looking at it i can tell a lot of carving will be required But I don't mind. The pole pieces are adjustable and they are in a kind of brass looking socket. The screws are provided but i forgot to take pictures. Will record some examples to you.
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