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Will this bridge repairment really work?

Discussion in 'Basses [BG]' started by Cyril_YU, Oct 10, 2018.

  1. Won’t make any difference in Vancouver;)
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  2. I'd-a dropped in a Hipshot Supertone bridge, but that's just me.
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  3. john m

    john m Supporting Member

    Jan 15, 2006
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  4. Drill-left. :smug:
  5. The bridge sitting up as high as it is would not be necessary if the saddles were still there.
    As far as using it like it is, those appear to be the stock bridge (edited) adjustment screws and if (for what ever reason) someone wanted to operate it at that height, I don't think it would normally be a problem. If it were, one would hope that the manufacturer would have used shorter "screws" (threaded rod may be a better description).

    As was mentioned earlier, there is a nut that seems to be missing from the center (or top) bridge adjustment screw. See right where the other two screws enter the body. They have the nuts that are missing on the third screw.

    That screw (threaded rod) does not seem to be centered in the hole. That's probably what the missing nut is supposed to do. Plus I would imagine the missing nut also adds some stability to that screw. I don't know if this missing nut would affect playability of the the bass if the saddles were re-installed and the bridge lowered. But until I did know, it would be a point of concern for me.

    It's a really nice looking bass IMO, and if the bridge is the only issue, then it's likely worth doing something about it. Either try to find the saddles and their screws along with the missing nut, or see if another after-market bridge would work.

    Good luck with this.

    -edited- said "saddles" meant "bridge" -- sorry.
    Last edited: Oct 11, 2018
  6. bumperbass

    bumperbass Supporting Member

    Jun 19, 2012
    It means the same as "fixment".
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  7. jdthebassman


    Jul 11, 2010
    just get rid of it and replace it with a hipshot
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  8. But since the shop is French, probably the correct pronunciation is "repairmonh."
  9. Which, if used to repair finish dings, would be "fixodent."
  10. That should put some bite in his bridgework.
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  11. Cyril_YU


    Sep 13, 2016
    Paris, France
    The pics are on their Instagram account and the account is open to public, I don't think there's a privacy problem there. Actually I thought about not mentioning name of the shop but the logo is already on the pics.

    I posted this to ask about if it's fine or common to hold the bridge high above the body like this. I wouldn't think the repairment is already finished if I had noticed that the saddles were missing. GuitareGarage is kind of famous in Paris from what I've heard and I don't think this kind of repairment could be what they did.
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