will this setup work??

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    Jul 25, 2001
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    ok kinda a long recording question so hold on to your hats. Ive always had a either a studio or little digital recorder at my disposal, but i decided to do it all through my computer so i wondered if this would work. Right now i have a very nice pentium 4 computer, a boss 532 digital recorder, a j-station, and a mini disk recorder. I want to buy a MIDI keyboard and a digital recording mixing card for my computer. Will all this work together. What i was gonna do it make my mini disk an out for my boss. The make my boss go into the recording card though the optical out also. I figured i could do guitar and bass recording through the digital recorder, then once its on my computer its no problem i have whatever software i will need. I also want to plug the midi keyboard through the card so i can do beats and such on that in cakewalk and fruity loops. Any suggestions on midi keyboard $200 or less and recording cards $200 or less would be appreciate, as would the best way to do this. SOrry it was so long but it needed to be answered thanks.