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Will this signal chain work (Presonus Tubepre question)

Discussion in 'Effects [BG]' started by vicenzajay, Jun 17, 2005.

  1. All,

    What I want to do is run the bass into the Boss ME-50B - then to the Presonus Tubepre - then to the Peavey Nitrobass.

    Our sound guy wants to take the PA feed right off the Tubepre, and we obviously want the effects, compression, limiter, etc. that I use throughout the show using the ME-50B to show up in the PA sound as well.

    I know that the instrument input on the tubepre can take the active preamps I have with the G&L L2000 and the Dean Edge Fretless without any issues (in fact, the -20db pad does nothing really to the sound)...in testing all my tubes, I've driven the drive control past halfway and the gain past halfway running the bass fairly hot - so far not even one clip light on the Tubepre.

    Can anyone shed light on this...I just don't want to fry the Tubepre with the output line from the Boss multi-effects.

  2. Mo'Phat

    Mo'Phat Supporting Member

    Oct 1, 2003
    San Diego, CA, USA
    The Boss isn't sending a hot enough signal to fry anything...you would normally plug it into the Peavey, right? That's just a preamp and a poweramp in one, so there's really no risk in running the Boss into the Tube Pre. You probably don't even need to use the input pad on the Tube Pre either unless you're getting significant hiss from your bass or the Boss. Also, isn't there an output volume on the Boss unit? (I don't remember)...generally you can adjust for active pickups with the Boss and send a nice tame signal into the Tube Pre, or any DI box, for that matter.

    I'm guessing the Tube Pre makes a pretty satisfactory D.I., right?
  3. I'll let you know this evening - at my house, after trying 4 different tubes (2 US, 2 not) I'm still getting a good deal of noise. But that's direct from the bass into the DI and then into a smaller combo amp. Plus I think the wiring in this part of the house is not grounded great.

    Let me try it on the real rig (next door where the band practices) and I'll let you know.

  4. Audere

    Audere Supporting Member Commercial User

    Apr 7, 2005
    South Beach, OR
    Owner: Audere Audio
    The Tubepre runs the tubes at a very low voltage for what that is worth. So your results with various tubes may be different than other preamps.

    I think it makes an ok bass DI, not killer but good at the price point as they are cheap.

    Very flat frequency response assuming you do not engage the 80hz filter.

    Significant harmonics at relatively low input volume levels on all settings (even tube drive min) and you can add more...

    Noise is low - so not sure why you are having the noise problem
  5. Trust me, it's bothering me quite a bit as well. I expected a fairly low "gain" preamp, but I also expected it to be quiet.

  6. I'd like to help out if I can but I'm not 100% sure of what you want to do?

    Bass -> ME-50B -> Nitrobass - and if you're sound man wants to take a DI feed with all of your ME-50B FXs (Compression, EQ, Distortions, etc.) then he can use the DI off of the Nitrobass. Is that right?

    Why do you want to use the Presonus? Is it to drive a tube? If you're looking to hit the front end of the tube Presonus with a lot of gain for that natural overdriven tube sound then I don't think the ME-50 has any more clean gain then your active basses.
  7. Thanks for asking the questions - I just want to add the tube warmth to the tone prior to the power amp (and after the effects). I'm asking the questions to see if anyone has experience with the tubepre as to how much "input" it will take without having issues. The instrument input of the tubepre was really designed as a in "instrument" level input vice a line level input. The output of my Boss ME-50B is, of course, boosted a bit and falls under the category of "line level"

    Just wanting to protect the tubepre but use its tone (post effects) for the PA.


  8. And the heavens opened and a mighty voice said, "Let there be awesome bass tone!" And there was awesome bass tone through the PA that brought the bassist and the sound engineer to their knees...and the lowly bassist asked, "But what is different; what has changed?"

    And the voice said, "Using the Presonus Tubepre as a DI is the best decision you've made in a long time."

    And the bassist began to understand...and he also realized that he better darn practice harder because this new tone showed off ALL his mistakes as well as showcased whatever few notes he happened to play well. ;)

    Thanks, guys, for all the help - with the real rig, the tubepre did fantastically...I can take the drive to 12:30-1:00 and the gain up a third without any appreciable noise (NO noise through the balanced output into the PA). The harmonics in the tone are to die for. I really can't explain how nice it is to have glorious, tube-enhanced, complementary tone out of the cabinets and the PA...can't wait for the next gig. :cool:

    OBTW - no issues with the ME-50B pushing the tubepre to hard...the clip light didn't even come on once...VU meter was showing some pretty good tube sound levels. Effects sounded very nice through the box.

    Another OBTW...direct to the board from the tubepre sounded MUCH better than the XLR out on the Nitrobass (either pre or post EQ). We just EQ'd the Nitrobass to match the PA and the result was breathtaking.

    Take care,

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