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  1. HI,
    I currently run an Ampeg SVT2 amp with a 610 box made by a company in Melbourne called Labsystems, it's a great box and as punchy as hell, it runs at 5.3 ohms, which I use the four ohm setting on my Svt with.
    Anyway I'm getting a 5 string, so I was thinking of adding a 15 on the bottom just to re-enforce the bottom end, I probably don't need it, it's probably more me doing overkill, but anyway what I wanted to know was can I hook up a single 15 that is 8 ohms to this system with no problems? As I said the 610 box is 5.3 ohms as all of the speakers in it are 8 ohms as well.
    If I do this, should I run my amp on the four ohms or the two ohms setting?

    These are the links to the boxes.


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    You probably would be better off with the two ohm setting, but four may be OK. Since the website does not have any frequency response charts there's no way to anticipate whether the 15 would deliver any additional extension.
  3. Since you are into overkill, and already hauling around a 6x0 refrigerator, why not build a Tuba30 for the bottom?

    That will CERTAINLY keep up with the 6x10, plus add a boatload of bottom you are currently missing. I'm sure there is room in your cargo van for one more 'fridge...

  4. I know it's overkill :D , but I can get that fridge into the back seat of a BMW 318is two door. JUST.

    I almost did buy another 6x10 but my girlfriend won't let me sell the Beamer, apparently she can't pose as well in a Cargo Van. :confused:

    So the 15 is a compromise.