Will this tortoise shell fit a Squier vm 77' J-Bass?

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  1. Blackhawks55


    Jul 21, 2013
    Hi guys,

    Going to be picking up a Squier vintage modified jazz bass here within the next week. I am getting the sunburst version with the maple neck. It looks very nice to begin with, but I do prefer the tortoise shell over the black pick guard.

    My question is will this fit the guitar? I purchased a pearl pick guard on ebay for my squier p bass and I ended up having to drill a few extra holes into the guitar to get it to fit somewhat nicely.. the guy insisted in his listing that it was for a squier p bass, I didn't fight the guy over the $20 so I just made it work with some extra holes I had to drill!

    I am trying to avoid drilling any holes in this new bass, so any help would be appreciated. Here's the eBay listing I am looking at, there are a few others out there but this pick guard looks the best for the price in my opinion!

    Thanks a lot :0
  2. 96tbird

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    You just never know with a VM. I bought a knockoff for my VMJ that fit my 1962 fender jazz just fine but I used it on my VMJ and needed to shoot a couple of new holes. My VMJ is a 2010 so who knows, they may have changed to a more standardized pg by now.

    Conversely, a knockoff I got for my 2009 classic vibe precision fit perfectly at every screw so I know a real Fender would fit.

    Look for the "Squier perfect fit replacement parts" thread here for more help and info.

    I agree that tortoise is a good move on your bass. :D
  3. Blackhawks55


    Jul 21, 2013
    Thanks a lot tbird! I will do my best to find something. It's fairly inexpensive so if I have to eat the $25 again I guess I will haha, it would look so nice on the vm!
  4. The Fender tort with (if I remember correctly) with 13 holes will fit with some tiny trimming.

    I posted the whole process in the Luthiers area but some of the pixs are zero's out by now.

    Suffice to say the REAL Fender PG will have extra material we here it's needed at the apex of the control panel plate. The Squier has a sharper point to it, that.s about all, but there will be some screw issues.