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Wilson worth the money??

Discussion in 'Amps, Mics & Pickups [DB]' started by BassGreaser, Sep 1, 2003.

  1. BassGreaser


    Aug 22, 2002
    Austin, TX
    I'm getting ready to upgrade my pick-up for the old DB, and am looking at the Wilson. Are they worth the money? How do they sound? Do they need a preamp? The sound I'm going for is a well rounded sound with nice full bottom, and detail.
  2. oystein


    Sep 15, 2001
    Norway, Leikong
    My opinion about the Wilson is that it's a good pickup, lots of definition, low end and it's very even sounding over the whole fingerboard. BUT, it will not sound like your bass. My bass sounded more like a big fretless BG with the Wilson.
    The list of famous endorsers are endless though.
    For my bass and setup the Full Circle Fishman was a much better choice, somewhat between the Realist and the Wilson.
    Whether you need a preamp or not depends on your amp. I had no problem running it directly in to my Acoustic Image Contra, but it sounded better through the Raven Labs Professional blender. Most pickups sounds better with a decent preamp.

    best regards Oystein Djupvik
  3. I have loads of praise for the Wilson. I have been using it for a couple of years now and it can handle any gig. On Sataurday night I played a wedding with a jump jive band in a concrete floored barn, it was loud but the wilson has enough definition to cope.Sunday night played a blues night with a loud guitarist,tiny pub("bar" to my freinds across the water) and had to stand right next to the bass drum.No feedback or boom from the wilson.Monday hosted my jam session at a place with a renowned bass trap on stage.No problem for the wilson.Tuesday another small pub,strange accoustic,absolutely no bass in the room,had to boost up the bass on my amp.The wilson handled it without getting muddy or nasal.Tonight I've got two gigs,one in "madame tussauds" with a hip hop rapper over band and samples(I jest not),the other gig a bit later with a pianist and two singers in a laid back jazz bar. I am sure the wilson will handle all of this . I don't know of many other pickups that could. Sure, a microphone for recording, but as a giging musician who doesn't always have the luxury of a soundman or usually even a sound check ,I think the Wilson is worth the money.I would go along with the previous statement and get it fitted by a luthier,it will save money in the long run.
  4. Greetings fellow D/Ber's,
    I was interested to read the comments from OUR Wilson users. I have used most of the transducers currently available on the market however,have yet to try the Wilson and the Schertler.
    I have also heard the negative comment about the Wilson sounding like a B/G, I've even heard the comparison to a Jaco sound on upright from certain quarters.

    I realise that I'll throw a spanner into the works with this next question however, here goes,My question to the above users of the Wilson system is this:- If you were to listen to the likes of the following cd's " To A Brother","Those Who Were" or maybe "This Is All I Ask" all recordings from NHOP, would you say that you would get a similiar sound to what Niels gets from his set-up.

    Now having thrown out enough rope to hang myself , don't come on with all the obvious comments regarding the usual.... NHOP has a terrible electric sound and, that it's all in the individual player / technique / different amps etc.etc.etc. I,ve heard it all before!
    I know that the fingers on the player is a big part in the sound however, would like to hear from the gentleman above whether YOU guys can hear the tones of an NHOP coming out of your uprights?

    PS :- By the Oystein ,if your thinking of selling your Wilson I would be very interested! go Private Mail!;)
  5. I,ve seen NHOP live and it didn't look like he had a "string charger", or Wilson for that matter, but I really can't be sure as I was some way from the stage. His sound was clean,not very woody,but really suited his style of playing. He has probably worked hard to get the sound like that,and he is a phenominal musician. The Wilson suits my bass,which is quite dark,but I can imagine a really bright bass with lots of sustain would sound more "bass guitar". The transducer is mounted near the string,so you are going to get more string than body, but on my bass I get enough of each to sound warm but with definition. What does your bass need?
  6. Thankyou Gentleman for your comments on NHOP
    I saw this master of the bass about 18 months back when he came through Brisbane on a tour of South East Asia.
    I had front row tickets and I believe that I saw the likes of a Wilson System however , did not notice the Joseph String Charger....that's not to say that he doesn't use this system also. mind you I was still about 20 feet from the stage and looking up!

    What I have noticed EVERYWHERE he plays is the beloved suitcase that sits beside him and the RGU cord or equiv. that comes from around the bridge area of the bass into the suitcase and off to the amp that he's using at the time. Might I also add that the 5 TIMES I seen him perform he's ALWAYS used a local amp. eg :- I've heard him through a Roland 60watt cube / a Peavy / an SWR / among others.....BUT ALWAYS PRODUCES THE SAME TONE????
    Interesting !!!

    So finally , maybe I'll stick with my K&K DBT and my MAX and my Underwood / Fishman. and make the most of them!



  7. Alex Scott

    Alex Scott

    May 8, 2002
    Austin, TX
    I've heard the suticase contains Pierre Joseph's magic box or something like that. Unavailable and undisscussed if you try to ask Pierre.
  8. Would LOVE to know what's in the box Alex!!!!:meh:

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