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  1. i was just messing around in windows media player and noticed that you can control the play speed of video and mp3's.....since ive backed up all the songs i do in the covers band im in on the pc i was just messing around, but you can cut the play speed back to 50% basically, and it might just be me but it doesnt transpose it, it stays at the same pitch........

    just thought some people might find that a handy practise tool or sumfin :p
  2. yeah, ive noticed it, but actually, i want it to transpose, is there any way i can set it so it can?
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    google for "audacity" It is a very cool program. you can record with it, import, change tempo, speed, pitch, add bass, amplify etc. It also has some effects.

    Its freeware too. Doesnt cost a dime and is very useful. Isnt a large download either. So far the best freeware music program i have found.