Winter Build Off 2022 - Get Ready

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  1. Beej


    Feb 10, 2007
    Vancouver Island
    Hi Gang, it's well into the Summer of 2021 and this is usually the time of year where we get together and plan for the upcoming Winter Build Off.

    If you have followed the build offs since the inaugural edition in 2017, you'll notice that I'm not @Scoops :D I'm going to go into some history and ways we can address that in the next post below, but for now, let's talk Build Off! :bassist:

    Event: Winter Build Off 2022
    Dates: 1600h PST (UTC -8) Tuesday, December 21, 2021 to 1600h PST (UTC -8) Sunday, March 20, 2022
    Theme: Renewal/Rebirth

    For this year's Build Off, I'm suggesting we use the theme of Renewal/Rebirth. The past year and a quarter has had a profound impact on the entirety of humanity. Many of us have been through a great many trials and have experienced challenges we never could have predicted would happen in our lifetimes.

    Many have not made it through. Those that have, are arguably forever changed by the events that we all shared. In addition, the Build Off itself experienced some challenges with it's last go 'round. This upcoming Build Off is an opportunity to renew again!

    Much like the Special Edition Spring Fling Build Off in 2020, this Build Off is open to all comers and divided into three categories:
    1. Scratch Build - body and neck newly built from scratch.
    2. Partial Build - body or neck newly built from scratch (contains some scratch built parts and pieces but may also contain pre-built body or neck from manufacturers)
    3. Assembly Build - all components are off the shelf or customized pieces
    Exhibition Build
    This newly-added category is a non-voting entrant category for anyone wishing to participate in the build off, but whose builds would be excluded from the regular Build Off categories or as per the rules. For example: guitar builds, other non-bass instrument builds, bass-related builds that do not have fat strings (as per the 0.084" minimum lowest string thickness rule), etc.

    The point of this early post is to give everyone time to prepare for the start of the build on December 21. Everyone may prepare and gather parts/pieces, scratch builders may begin dimensioning their lumber in preparation for the build.

    • All entrants must declare their entry after the Build Off is officially started on December 21, by posting a build thread in which to showcase their build.
    • Each build thread must start with a "pile of wood/parts" pic. The pic must include a written phrase that will be announced in the Build Off start thread on Dec 21.
    • Multiple entries in the same or different categories is permitted (and encouraged! :woot: )
    • Entrants can enter anytime before the build off end date (in other words, late entries are permitted).
    • Entrants must indicate in their build thread, which type of build they are doing.
    • Minimum diameter for lowest pitch string is 0.084". This is a bass website after all. :D
    • Scratch Builds must be built from scratch from dimensioned lumber.
      • Dimensioned lumber includes: Billets, 1-pce neck blanks, matched tops, stringers, thin laminates, veneers, fingerboards, pre-slotted/radiused fretboards, etc.
      • Scratch builds must not have any components glued up or cut out prior to the start. Built components must have their build process pictorially included in the entry thread.
    • Partial Builds must identify all components used and explain what is built and what is bought. All built parts must have their build process pictorially included in the entry thread.
    • Assembly Builds must identify all components used. All modified parts used must have their modification process pictorially included in the entry thread.
    Any questions may be posted here or PM me.

    Please feel free to discuss the build off here, there will be a separate announcement thread on December 21 - that will officially start the build off.

    Happy planning! :)
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  2. Beej


    Feb 10, 2007
    Vancouver Island
    A Build Off History in Brief:
    While there have been a few build-offs that have taken place in the Luthier's Corner going back a decade and a half, the regular winter build offs didn't appear until @Scoops started "project managing" them starting with the first Winter Build Off "Challenge Yourself" in 2017. His professional day job of project manager meant he had the skills and ability to create a package and carry it out, making for a lot of fun and entertainment along the way.

    Including that first one, there have been five winter build-offs, each with a different theme and participants, however the basic structure has remained the same. In 2020 due to the "special" nature of the effects of the pandemic on humanity, there was also a "Special Edition" build off held in the spring. For a number of reasons that definitely don't need to be discussed publicly, the 2021 Winter Build Off was held over on TDPRI. I've included that link in the build thread list below. If you absolutely must know my perspective on what happened, PM me as I won't discuss it openly. :D

    Since we are here in the summer and I'm itching to start things, I've tried reaching out to @Scoops to see where things are at, but I've not heard from him and there's been no site activity since the spring, so here we are. When he comes back and builds another incredible bass, I'm happy to either turn over the reins to this build off or carry on as needed, but in the meantime, let's plan for a Winter Build Off!

    For your bass-build-addiction viewing pleasure, here are all previous build off threads (planning, entry and voting) in order of appearance:
    Winter 2017 Build Off - Challenge yourself
    Winter 2017 Bass Build off - Voting Final
    Winter Build off 2018 - Walnut Free For All - Get Ready!
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    Special Edition Build off "Finals" Voting - Completed
    Special Edition 18th place Winners
    Winter Buildoff 2021 - 5

    Who's in this year? Know anybody else you can convince?
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  3. Gary_M

    Gary_M Where's that confounded bridge? Gold Supporting Member

    Oct 19, 2013
    Northern Indiana
    Hey Beej, thanks for taking the initiative to get this organized. I'm sure it will be another awesome build-off. :thumbsup:

    I'd love to enter, but unfortunately, the "Winter" build-offs pretty much rule me out due to climate. Trying to apply a finish in my garage in Northern Indiana in late February to early March just doesn't work. :eek: I'd love to see the time frame of the build-off shifted to begin in September, wrapping up before Thanksgiving. I understand that can't happen this year; but I'm sure there are others that are impeded by the weather as well... might be worth a poll at some point. :)
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  4. Verner


    Dec 24, 2018
    I’ve never done one of these, but I am definitely interested. Finish would also take some creativity for me here in upstate NY, but it is a cool incentive to follow through.
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  5. RichterScale


    Feb 21, 2021
    Maybe we can do both a winter and summer build-off every year(?)
    Are the themes fairly loose and open to interpretation, or did you have something a little more specific in mind?
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  6. RichterScale


    Feb 21, 2021
    I'm at the western end of the state. I'll likely use Solarez products and invest in a UV curing torch/light.
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  7. T_Bone_TL


    Jan 10, 2013
    SW VT
    Oh, I think trees (or, y'know, driftwood logs) count, but I have no objection to scratch builders cutting up their trees before the start date... :D

    ..or after, should they so choose. :smug:

    The themes are usually open to the whim of the judges (folks that vote) with the exception of things like the walnut build having a minimum walnut percentage to play.

    Verner, Freddy, and anyone else in non-shipping range of Southwestern Vermont who can deal with rough lumber, feel free to hit me up. I ain't shipping, but I can spare some native air-dried "perhaps I can even recall or figure out what this is" from my "stockpile" (maple, red oak, black birch, white ash (non-swamp,) cherry, hickory and popple (NOT Liliodendron Tulipifera - Populus <something> - light, white and soft) are in the stack, but I make no guarantees of the ID of the more easily confused ones at this point in time, nor do I promise any particular depth of excavation in the stack. If you are into wormholes (beetles, really) I've had some "help" in that line which I don't actually know how extensive it is.

    Oh, Right. Grab some 24K carbon TOW as well...
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  8. Reedt2000

    Reedt2000 Supporting Member

    Apr 26, 2017
    Central New Jersey
    It's the build offs (and @Scoops build threads) that really hooked me on TB. I'm stoked to watch another one... and I got a pile o' parts laying around that I have a plan for but have been totally procrastinating about actually doing anything with :smug:
  9. Verner


    Dec 24, 2018
    The Solarez products are really interesting, look forward to seeing how that works out!
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  10. Rôckhewer

    Rôckhewer Commercial User

    Feb 28, 2015
    Phoenix, Arizona
    Owner/Builder- RockHewer Custom Guitars LLC
    Yay @Beej !! :thumbsup: :thumbsup: Love the theme.
    Also... perfect.
    Around that particular time (after Astaroth) I am scheduled to build... a "guitar". :eek: (...yup... 6 tiny strings. ):spit:
    I will Renew/ Rebirth... as a ...(gulp) guitar builder.:confused:
    :bassist: It fits the theme. :woot: I'm entering a guitar.
  11. RichterScale


    Feb 21, 2021
    Man, this would have been perfect for the bass I just did.
    Although, I'm not sure how you would classify what I did. But it was definitely a rebirth.
  12. ctmullins

    ctmullins Dominated Gold Supporting Member

    Apr 18, 2008
    MS Gulf Coast
    I'm highly opinionated and extremely self-assured
    @Beej , you’re my hero! Thanks for picking up the torch, let me know if I can assist at all.

    Some of my favorite instruments are WBO products, including my #1 from the 2018 Walnut-fest. WBO really gets the creative juices flowing!

    “Renewal/Rebirth” - that’s pretty open; will have to mull on that. Would be a good showcase for using reclaimed lumber.
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  13. dwizum


    Dec 21, 2018
    This is an exciting breath of fresh air! I'm looking forward to seeing what all the old timer LC folks come up with as well as the newer peeps doing their first buildoff. These threads are such a great part of this community. And they produce some excellent instruments. My last buildoff bass from the spring special in 2020 is essentially the only bass I've played since I finished it.

    I've got a few ideas that could fit this theme... Time to nail those down a bit!
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  14. RichterScale


    Feb 21, 2021
    That was the only thing that popped into my head. Reclaimed or something along the lines of dismantling a large piece of furniture/etc and making bass out of it. But I have a large Wenge board, burning a hole in my pocket. So, I'll have to get the creative juices flowing. They've been a little viscous lately. Maybe a round of shock therapy. I'll have to see if my old doc is still available.
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  15. Jon Clegg

    Jon Clegg Fueled by caffeine and snark. Supporting Member

    Feb 9, 2015
    Northern Virginia
    I have a previous WBO that still needs to be finished. Neck and body are complete, needs to be finished and assembled... guess it would be an assembly build?

    Also have an idea for the scratch build, something long out of production, with a twist (of course :D)
  16. I always enjoy watching these. One of these days I'll get my act together and join in. But as the others said, when it's a summer build-off instead of a winter one.
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  17. Flying B

    Flying B

    Apr 29, 2018
    I'm definitely interested as long as I can get my fenderbird finished before December.
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  18. AudioTaper


    Sep 23, 2018
    I'm really hoping to participate in a partial build this year.

    Just to clarify, we are allowed to start dimensioning rough lumber? (Not shaping or routing)
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  19. RichterScale


    Feb 21, 2021
    I'm not an authority, but I would think that getting rough dimensioned lumber together now would be okay. Maybe even advised. In case anything curls up or changes shape over the next few months. Just don't take anything down to it's final dimensions/shape yet.
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  20. Jon Clegg

    Jon Clegg Fueled by caffeine and snark. Supporting Member

    Feb 9, 2015
    Northern Virginia
    Yes, we've usually said that dimensioned lumber was OK as a starting point.
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