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  1. While I am soliciting feedback, and getting so much help, can anyone recommend a quality wireless system that is not a pocketbook killer?
    Mostly clubs, but also some outdoor festival work to consider.
    Also recommendations on a good bass tuner as well.
    Thanks to anyone who responds!
  2. DRN


    Mar 17, 2002
    Las Vegas
    The wireless of choice if you can get one would be an x-wire. They are no longer made but you can find them online. May be a little expensive $400-$500. Your second option would be some of the same technology (Sennheiser bought the x-wire patent or something like that) would be the Sennheiser Digital 1,000. It is $300.00 at any G.C.

    As for a tuner Boss TU-2 TU-12 (not sure of model) but it is a white boss tuner. Very good. Comes in around $100.00

    Also do a search you can get more details on both

    Good luck
  3. Munjibunga

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    May 6, 2000
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    Shure UT or Performance Gear (UHF). About $300 street. You might also want to consider AKG's Guitar bug. Mondo convenient, but its frequency response only goes down to 40 hz (open E string). I played through one with a 5-string, though, and didn't detect any dropout. Should be less than $300. They also make a version of it with a stomp-box sized receiver.

    Tuner? Boss TU-2 and nothing else, unless you go rack-mount. Then Korg.
  4. jondog


    Mar 14, 2002
    NYC metro area
    I just got a used Nady 2002 VHF wireless that is rated down to 25hz. I don't hear any tone sucking, and reception is great. I think I read that VHF frequencies are supposed to have cel phones or something on them, that's probably why it was cheap ($100). I live in a relatively urban area and I got no interference trying it out at my house today. I haven't gigged it yet.

    As far as tuners, Munjibunga is right. I use the Korg.
  5. tplyons


    Apr 6, 2003
    Madison, NJ
    I used a Nady Pro VHF System and it was crap, the transmitter kept falling apart so I sold the thing. Now, it's Sennheiser EW172's and the better EW372's for me! UHF for bass definately!

    And pedal tuner: BOSS TU-2, Rackmount: anything made by Korg.
  6. quallabone


    Aug 2, 2003
    The only option for a tuner pedal is the Boss TU-2. I used an X-wire for a month. It worked very well. Then I went back to using a 20ft cord. I found that I just made an ass of myself with cordless. I worried too much about my antics and not enough about my playing.