Wireless anyone??

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  1. Jscriv


    Feb 3, 2017
    Tonawanda NY
    Turn out me and my singer both like to move it AND shake it quite a bit while playing. Sometimes we cross path. Luckily my cat like reflexes and adverted catastrophe each time. But it has me thinking of going wireless. Anyone here use one? Horror stories other than battery issues? Pros/cons? Looking for input from the mighty TB following
  2. I like using wireless. I haven't had to many bad experiences. Just don't buy the cheapest one you can find. Most of the lower end ones use really low quality flimsy plastic and won't last long gigging. You can find decent units for around $150. I use an old Nady unit and it has lasted me about 7 years now. I can jump around and took a few wipe outs lol and it has never cut out and takes abuse pretty well. Pros are pretty obvious, you can roam wherever you like, sound checks you can hang out up front to hear FOH sound. Cons... I don't really have any.. If you buy a cheap unit I'm guessing there would be some issues but I have not really had any. Bad battery once but that was my fault.
  3. Jscriv


    Feb 3, 2017
    Tonawanda NY
    Yea I'm not gunna go cheap if I make the jump. I'm glad someone that has used quality units answered.
  4. Paulabass


    Sep 18, 2017
    I only use good ones. You get what you pay for. My old X2 unit has weathered 100's of gigs. Once you cut the cord, you will never go back.
  5. Plectrum72

    Plectrum72 Supporting Member

    I've used the line 6 g50 and now the line 6 g70. The g50 worked great for me and I still use it in my practice space. I decided to get the g70 a couple months ago because it has a built in tuner (good for 4 string, not so much for 5), built in DI, and you can set different profiles for different instruments (add/remove gain to balance when switch from active bass to passive bass).

    I never had an issue with the battery compartment on the g50, but if you go with a g70 (or other unit with a wire belt clip) grab a pouch to hold it on your strap or belt. Other than that, no issues with either one as far as drop outs or interference.

    Not trying to shill for line 6, but it's all I have experience with.
  6. Spent


    May 15, 2011
    Upstate NY
    Been wireless for decades and will never play with a cable again. I’m also a big fan of Line 6; relatively inexpensive and very reliable. I have the same G30 I bought when they first came out. The transmitter has been dropped, stepped on and crushed yet it works like new. It looks horrible, probably mostly glue and epoxy, held together with Velcro. Any year now I’m buying a new transmitter.
  7. juggahnaught


    Feb 11, 2018
    Seattle, WA
    Thought about making a new thread, but I figured I'd post it in here instead. I just bought a used Line 6 G30 for less than half of the retail price and it's worth every penny. I haven't done a gig with it yet (that will happen tomorrow - it's a small space and I won't really need it, but it's just that awesome) but so far I love being untethered. Even something as simple as spinning in circles is great, and not having to worry about people tripping over instrument leads. A bonus for me is that the transmitter pack seems to angle my neck up just enough that I don't have to tuck it into my belt loop.

    I feel like I can't really go back now. It's just so freeing. It's awesome. If you can find a good deal on a used one, snag it.
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  8. thabassmon


    Sep 26, 2013
    New Zealand
    Yep Line 6 G30, hasn't ever caused me any grief.
    Being able to put myself in the audience space makes sound check really simple.
  9. Volker Kirstein

    Volker Kirstein Blippy the Wonder Slug

    I use an El Cheapo unit I got a year ago off eBay, enjoy the added mobility, and have had no issues with it. However, I never use it anywhere except home and the jams. Gigs, I'm cabled.
  10. Jscriv


    Feb 3, 2017
    Tonawanda NY
    I was at a gig last weekend and I was kicking myself for not going wireless yet. Might give this g30 a whirl here
  11. Aloe


    Apr 10, 2016
    uhm, I did this. after a couple of years with a Line6 G10 I sold it and went back to cables.
    why? well:
    1. one less battery to recharge
    2. 3ms latency less, when I'm in studio I can feel and appreciate this (my sound interface is also 3ms and I can feel the difference between 3 and 6ms)
    3. as it turned out, since I use a pedalboard, I really don't go far away from it
  12. Paulabass


    Sep 18, 2017
    Expiring minds wanna know- Why would you use a wireless in the studio?
  13. Aloe


    Apr 10, 2016
    well, I bought the wireless when I rented a flat that had some wicked radio interference. my bass on cable played some radio in the background and nothing cured it other than going wireless. as for audio -- I listened hard, but could not find any differences with my active bass with my G10 vs cable.

    second thing I liked about my wireless -- is that I could plug in and out the transmitter without needing to mute. I often plugged my bass on and off, as it was active. it was easy and pop-less, better than on my tuner.

    so in my opinion there was no reason not to use my G10 in studio, in fact I thought it improved some things.