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  1. With some money i recieved for christmas im looking to get a wireless system, im willing to go upto £100. So far 4 choices have stood out, but i need some help from people who have had experience with these systems, and wireless overall.

    So far the choices ive found are:

    Nady Encore II:

    AKG WMS40:

    Samson Stage 55:

    T.Bone EWS:

    So if anyones had any experience with these systems or could suggest some to look into, please comment.

    Thanks :)
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    i have the nady encore Bass system. it's a bass specific system that allows you to replace some of the lost bass in the system. I love it. Nevr let me down, and retails at around £99. Bill Lewingtons always have them in stock - all you have to do is find a shop that sells Dean guitars and ask them to order one for you.
    The T bone system i have heard on guitar with no problems, but not on bass.