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  1. my situation is this, i play in a catholic church choir and we have nobody that can adjust sound levels in the listening area. all the controls are where i sit, in the corner of a large sanctuary. right now i use a peavy 60w combo as a monitor and pre out to the sound board. that set up seems to be working okay, the problem is when everyone is singing and playing, i cant tell if im cutting through or not. since this set up will more than likely not change i thought if i can get and affordable wireless i could move around during practice and get some good levels going. getting help from other ears is not really an option. (nobody knows whats going on in this place) ANY advice would be a great help, thanks.
  2. I'm often in a similar situation in my church worship band, and I use a wireless. It works pretty well for me. I couldn't tell you what make it is off the top of my head (it belongs to the church), but I could find out for you, if that's what you're looking for.
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  4. The problem with most guitar wireless packs is that they are designed for Guitar, and therefore do not have the frequency response needed for a bass guitar. There have been several threads on this, all of which have come up with a pretty good sized list on transmitters that work below 50hz.

    I personally use the Audio-Technica 1100 series, and it works fine for me. I notice no coloration in the sound, and the frequency response is very good. It is a bit pricey though depending on where you look, you can get one for around $300, but I know there are cheaper ones out there. Just make sure that when you buy one, you find one that has good specs, and that you just dont settle for the "cheapy"
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