Wireless Systems: Nady vs Samson

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  1. Ok, here it goes...I currently own a Nady DKW-1 wireless system and looking for a better upgrade. Since Im on a budget I cant afford to get a real top of the line wireless system so I have to go with what I can. Im looking to get one of these two wireless systems that have that little transmitter bug on the guitar instead of the pack and the little pedal board style receiver:

    the Samson Airline AG1 UHF Guitar/Bass Wireless with Right Angled Plug


    the Nady MGT 16 UHF Wireless (also with right angled plug)

    By look they are relatively the same with the only difference is that I think you have to choose a channel for the Samson (maybe) but according to various reviews on each site that I found these on..they are relatively mixed. The Samson tended to get higher reviews than the Nady but like I said...I really dont see a difference and since I cant really try them, I cant decide which to go for. Any help would be greatly appreciated if any of you own one or the other.

    PLUS, if I did get one with a channel..which is the best to get? Im still not familiar with that sort of thing and how all that works.
  2. BTW, is there any real difference on the Samson between the pedal style verses the rack style other than what it is? What is a good channel to get?
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    Go Samson. While inexpensive, it is decent gear. I had a Samson Instrument wireless in the past and it worked fine. I now have a Samson wireless mic and it works fine. As far as the difference in the 2 styles, I don't think there is much difference. I know the Airline series does help keep bass frequency loss to a minimum.
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  5. Thanks! It really helps...Ill still continue to check to see if anyone else chimes in!
  6. Anybody want to weigh in on the Line 6 X2 XDS95 Digital Wireless Instrument System VS the other two that I mentioned. Seems like the Samson is the winner between the other two. Now which is better, the Samson or the Line 6? Price is way better on the Line6...soooo?
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    Line6 X2 or their new G30 / G50.

    IMHO. Have owned 2 and will own another coming up.
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    Line 6 is better. Higher price point though!
  9. Line6 if you can afford it, Samson is second best IMO.
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    I don't own that particular model Samson you mentioned, but I have owned their wireless systems before.
    I do own and gig with the Line 6 X2 XDS95 and it smokes my old Samson. Clear sound, great range, excellent battery life in the transmitter. I've gotten 9 hours out of mine and could have pushed it longer.
    The receiver is compact and runs on 9v. You can put a battery in it, but expect to replace it often. You're better off running an AC adapter to it, which is what I do. I use a One Spot to power the wireless, tuner, and an ABY box. Works great for me.
    I also have a wireless transmitter pouch that attaches to my strap. I wrap the cable around my strap a few times and can't even tell anything is there.

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    The XDS is on blowout right now for like, $129. Insanely good deal.
  12. The line 6 hands down is vastly superior.

    Its blowout clearance sale priced, so don't let the price fool you.

  13. I know I waited like 6 months looking over ebay, craigslist and these classifieds all so I could get it used for $110 now they are new for $120. Oh well, still the best wireless I've experienced. And I think channels only matter if you have someone running the same wireless(could be wrong)
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    This is true. I did a gig once and we were doing a sound check and when we were done, we muted all the channels but I kept hearing my bass in the PA. Finally figured out my transmitter was operating on the same frequency as the venue's own PA (which was live/they had the same exact wireless system as I had). I had to change my frequency.
  15. Line 6. Digital wireless is the future. The only word dirtier then the B-word is Nady.
  16. I'll second that emotion, too! I've got the Line 6 X2, and I love it, works great, decent battery life, good range. I have the receiver mounted on my pedalboard, powered by a Visual Sound OneSpot. IMO best bang for the buck out there!
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    i used to use samsons and liked them until i got an x2. digital is where it's at for wireless. line 6 or brace audio is the way to go for wireless instrument setups these days.
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    Samson is the better wireless of the 2 but I wold go Brace Audio or Line6.....great sounds and tones and under $200 Just my opinion