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  1. Does anyone use a wireless system?

    If so does anyone have a system they recomend.
  2. The best wireless for bass is the now discontinued digital X-WIRE. I bought one when they first came out for $800. Next best thing to a cord.
    Sennheiser bought them out and uses the X-Wire technology in their UHF digital unit.
    No external antenna, it has 4 internal ones.

    The X-Wire was highest rated by Bass Player Magazine. The Sennheiser model was highly rated in Guitar World magazine.
  3. I use a Samson Synth 32 UHF Wireless.

    It was $399 and rocks.

    I have never had a problem with it's reception and if I ever do it has 32 user selectable frequencys. Which is a big plus if you're playing different clubs all the time.
  4. Samson VHF VR3TD , costs about $ 200.. works fine for me.. no static, can do large distance ( tried it up to 50m, with solid concrete walls in between )

    it has 2 antenna's, and automaticly selects the antenna with the strongest signal.
    And.. a big PLUS for me... it has both balanced ( XLT ? ) and unbalanced ( Jack ) output's.
  5. I was thinking of going wireless too, but don't you lose the lows? I thought you would get that "clicking" noise as the lower frequencies clip...
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    I use the Shure unit, I forget which one as the thing is in my rack at the rehearsal space, but it's the next to top of the line. I don't seem to have any loss of tone, but the only thing I find is a problem is that the receiver is easier to overdrive than my amp. So if I really dig in I get distortion directly from the wireless unit. I deal with it by potting down the bass and turning up the amp.

    Chris A.:rolleyes:
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    Jun 3, 2000
    i want a wireless... i hear xwire is the only way to go