Wiring a P-pickup with a push-pull pot for series/parallell?

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  1. jock


    Jun 7, 2000
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    How is that done?
    Any wiring diagrams available?
    Is it best to have a push-pull pot on the volume or tone control on a P-bass?
    Ive wired it in parallell once and liked it but I want to be able to swith between series and parallell.
    Is it easier to use some two-way switch instead of a push/pull pot?
  2. a two way is smaller and neater.but you need to drill a hole for it..
    dpdt 6 pin..numbering in rotation
    the wiring is pretty straight forward
    pin 1 jump wired to pin 6
    pin 2 ground from DG pup
    pin 3 ground from EA pup and link to main ground
    pin 4 hot from DG pup and link to jack via tone pot pin 2
    pin 5 hot from EA pup
    tone pot wiring stays the same..
    :rolleyes: e&oe

    ps the on off switch pot looks cool...perhaps the correct answer..just treat the 6 pins as above and link hot to the vol control
    pin 1 hot from pin 4 on switch
    pin 2 to tone and jack
    pin 3 to from pin 3 on switch and to main ground.

    (you can reverse 1 and 2 but the standard P is as i have shown in...its the Jazz pots which need to be wired hot to pin 2 etc)

    now i have thought about this i may customise my P/J similarly...thanks
  3. You will need to make a fair amount of solder connections to the pot. When I wired my P this way, I used a separate Radio Shack mini-toggle switch. Be sure you have enough depth below to allow for all the wiring connections.