Wiring a pickup toggle for a Jazz/Musicman config

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  1. dmaki


    Apr 29, 2000
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    Is is possible to wire a Jazz/Musicman config like this?

    |       (1)       |
    |-----------------|            1.)  1 (Single Coil)
           Jazz                    2.)  1&3 (Series)
                                   3.)  1&3 (Parallel)
                                   4.)  2&3 (Series)
    |-----------------|            5.)  2&3 (Parallel)
    |       (2)       |            6.)  3 (Single Coil)
    |       (3)       |

    and if so, how would I go about doing it?

  2. you could do it by using an ON-ON-ON mini toggle to get the series/parallel/single coil selections from the MM unit(stewmac have the wiring diagrams for that), and then a 4way (3 pole?) rotary switch to get the J, J+MM in series, J+MM in parallel, MM ones. this would allow 4 extra combinations as well.

    or use a 6 position 3 or 4 pole switch (allparts do a rotary one) using each pole for each coil.

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  3. actually, thinking more about it, you'd need a 5-pole 6 position switch to handle all the selections with just one control. (for all the coil ends except that of one of the MM coils, which always goes to ground).