Wiring a preamp and a 3-way switch with two humbuckers?

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    May 3, 2019
    I've got a challenging question (at least challenging to me) for an electronics/wiring expert out there. I am in the process of building a bass guitar and ran into a question with the wiring. Does anyone know how I should go about wiring two humbuckers to an aguilar obp-3 preamp and a 3-way selector switch? The system will also have a three band EQ with a mid range selector switch, a toggle switch for active/passive, one volume knob, and one tone knob. The aguilar preamp came pre-wired to a tone and volume knob but I am not sure if I would have to disconnect those to make them compatible with the selector switch or if I would have to disconnect the knobs already wired to the selector switch to make it compatible with the preamp. Below are pictures of everything I plan to wire up in the control system, most of it was pre-wired before I received it. Also attached below are two links to the wiring diagrams I've been referencing. The specific diagram I've been using in the first link is on the second page of the PDF in the link.
    If anyone could help me out I would not be able to even begin to explain how much I would appreciate it lol can't find any videos or complete wiring diagrams for what I need out there!

    Wiring diagrams - http://www.aguilaramp.com/wp-content/uploads/wiring-diagram-obp-3-v2.pdf
    https://www.pitbullguitars.com/wp-content/uploads/pdf/FVB-4.pdf IMG_2856.JPG IMG_2857.JPG

    IMG_2855.JPG IMG_2854.JPG IMG_2853.JPG
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    May 3, 2019
    Not sure how the first two images got so zoomed in and blurry lol, my bad. Here they are again

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