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  1. shaun compton

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    Dec 18, 2014
    im rebuilding a p/j bass and i would like to wire it so that i can control the volume of the 2 pickups individually with a concentric pot and have a master volume and a master tone if someone could help me out with a wiring diagram i would appreciate it i tried searching google
  2. Matthijs

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    Jul 3, 2006
    Why the seperate mastervolume? A concentric pot is very handy in that you can dial both controls simultanious. So one concentric pot or a blend/vol combination would make more sense.

    That said: you can use a schematic for a standard two pot cicuit and just add another pot at the end. Best use 500k pots, because with 250k pots the impedance would be too low.
  3. shaun compton

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    Dec 18, 2014
    well i ring out my bass and turn down while my lead guitarist does a little solo and i feel like it would be easier to have one master volume to turn down instead of turning down both seperate volumes, and the concentric pot i would use for the seperate pickup volumes in cases where i might want lets say 100 percent p volume and 75 percent j volume or whatever
  4. The concentrics I have used are tight enough that when you turn a knob they both turn at the same time. If you have one set to 75% it will remain 75 %. If it doesn't track with the other knob try loosening the knob and push it to where it touches the bottom 1/2 of the concentric knob.
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    May 4, 2009
    If you play like most do, and actually balance your pickups so the P is dimed and the J is rolled off somewhat, you get the same effect by simply rolling off the P pickup a couple of numbers, and you don't need a master volume.

    If you play everything dimed, and really want a MV setup, you can use diagrams like the Epiphone "Kat" series that have MV, 2-V & T controls as a source.

    The other option, much cheaper than modding a bass, is a volume pedal between the bass and whatever you plug it into.
  6. Take this diagram and remove the capacitor, and then throw in a tone pot parallel to the connection on the first terminal of every pot.
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    You can certainly wire things the way you've described, and it will work fine, but it's electrically equivalent to a Volume/Blend/Tone circuit, which is far more ubiquitous and well-understood. Only thing is to make sure you get the right kind of blend pot - the kind where both volumes are at 100% in the center - I think it's called an M/N pot? Others please correct me...

    Seymour Duncan has good wiring diagrams on their site. This is the V/B/T diagram: