Wiring for EMG-SEP or EMG-SEPJ

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  1. I was over at my folks place digging through my old closet and found a set of these passive emg pickups. The P's are in great shape, the J pup only has about 1/2 an inch of cable out of it.

    It just so happens my folks found an old Squire neck and body in another closet while doing some spring cleaning, so if I can get at least this P pup wired up I'll have a decent little P-Bass to play around with. Problem is, I can't find any wiring diagrams for the pickups. I can find plenty of standard wiring diagrams, but these have a "shielded" white wire (like a coaxial cable) and a black (ground?) coming from them. Emg doesn't have wiring diagrams on their site that I can find for these pups, and I can't find anything similar here via searching, or on the net.

    Anybody have any ideas on wiring these guys?

    Here's EMG's page on them http://www.emginc.com/displayproducts.asp?section=Guitar&categoryid=20&catalogid=156
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    contact there support. they usually get back to you in 24 hours.
  3. Well, according to their support guys the braided part is a ground as well. Now I'm somewhat embarrassed that I even brought it up!!! :)