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    I'm planning on installing a new pair of parallel/series Fralin pups in my Warmoth body. I'm planning on changing the pot configuration from volume/volume/tone to blend/volume/tone (concentratic bass/treble). A couple questions:

    Does anyone have a suggestion as to where I can easily procure a new harness? Also, where I can get a volume pot that I can use to swap between parallel and series configurations?

    I'm open to ideas on this one...

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    It's my understanding that you can't have parallel-series switching in a Volume/Blend/Tone setup, only with a V/V/T configuration. If I'm wrong on this I'd be very interested to hear how the former option can be wired up.

    I've bought components for internal wiring in the past from Allparts, by the way. Good service.
  4. I think this is incorrect. I have been pursuing this wiring config for the past few weeks, both here and on other guitar forums. I think I now have a solution which allows series/parallel + blend where even in series mode the blend remains operative.
    Much of this is thanks to the guys on the Guitar-Nutz forum.
    Here is my interpretation of their schematics:
    I am told by the gurus that this will work and later today or tomorrow I will get the time to do the rewiring.
    I'm hopeful of this scheme as it has been bufgging me for weeks now and I want to finally try it with a proper TRUE blend pot courtesy of John east's kindness.
    Note: The series/parallel is achieved here with a 6-lug DPDT mini toggle switch.
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    Mar 12, 2005
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    Interesting, Al - let us know how you get on, I'm intrigued.
  6. I am pleased to report that after a little fiddy soldering, this mod is a resounding success. As was warned, the blend pot is a little sensitive in the central region - gives a lot of tone variation for a small movement, but there is no appreciable drop in output, the 2 s/c jazz bass pups work together in humbucking mode and you get a really wide range of usable and impressive tones from just one series/parallel switch and a little turn of the blend pot. The blend works well in both series and parallel mode. Some weedy tones can be achieved as well as some fruity, full-bodied meat - you just have to play around a bit.
    Very pleased with the results. In particular the series tone with the blend pot full forwards is heavenly!
    I must re-stress this is not going to work as you would like unless you have the proper true blend pots that give zero R at centre detent. None of the pots sold as blend pots available from the main internet retailers such as Allparts, AxesRus, WD Music, or StewMac are true M/N blend pots, they will give a SIGNIFICANT output drop when the 2 signals are blended together in a passive pup system.