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Wiring issues

Discussion in 'Hardware, Setup & Repair [BG]' started by count_funkula, Apr 1, 2002.

  1. I need help figuring out a good placement strategy for my ground points in a Hot Rod Precision. Currently I have six things I know of that need to be grounded (three pots, 2 pickups and one input jack). The pots I'm using are brass so soder won't stick to the bottom of the pot.

    Right now all 6 wires connect to a single point in my control cavity (very messy).

    What are some other options? Does the bridge have to be grounded? There is a small cavity under the bridge, is that where I should mount a ground point?
  2. pkr2


    Apr 28, 2000
    coastal N.C.
    The case on the volume pot is the most common place to use for the ground connections.

    It's considered to be good wiring practice to use a "star" grounding scheme. That simply means to take all the grounds to a common point. This method of wiring helps to elimenate ground loops. Ground loops are hum makers.

    You shouldn't have any trouble soldering to brass. Just clean with fine sandpaper till shiny clean, use a good solder(not the crap that a certain shack sells) such as Ersin Multi Core.

    You need a fairly hot soldering iron because the pot soaks the heat up so fast that a low wattage pencil
    will take too long to melt the solder.

    A pistol type gun such as a Wenn is more suited to the job than a pencil.

    Yes the bridge should be grounded to the same common ground point.

    The cavity under the bridge is probably for the ground but without seeing in I don't know for sure.

    Dont forget to ground the cavity cover. Make that wire as short as possible.

    I am assuming that the control cavity is shielded. If its not, that should be the first step.

    Hope this helps you.

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