Wiring my bass with 3 separate pickups

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  1. Hello,

    Just was wondering if anyone had any advice for wiring 3 pickups onto a bass. The bass is a Univox eagle bass (see link) and I am going to customize it by adding a hammon darkstar in the extreme neck position and a jazz bass pickup in the bridge position while keeping the p bass pickup where it is.

    Ideally I would like to have 3 separate volume knobs and tone knobs (1 vol/tone for each pickup) and possibly a master volume so I could blend each pickup and get a combination of sounds. I am also thinking about putting blend knobs in. Does any one have any advice for this type of setup? I heard there might be output mismatch issues with the darkstar, and advice with that? Thanks so much.


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  2. wdinc01


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    Well, not even going to say how awful it would be of you to cut into such a cool looking body, I'm curious as to why you think you need a blend knob if you have volume knobs for each pick up? I think the blend would be redundant.

    Also, if it were me, I would just use three volume/tone stacked knobs, one for each pick up
  3. Not a good idea with the controls.

    First off, stick to one tone.
    Whenever the pickups are equal in volume, which ever tone is at the lowest setting will affect all of the pickups. (All of the ones that are at the same volume.)

    Having a master volume on top of 3 might be a good idea, but i would go with a 1M to keep from further darkening the output.
  4. i thought for sure this would be a tommygunn thread..

    please don't ruin that awesome body by adding a jazz pickup... they're not that great.. really i promise you!

    if i were doing this i'd probably hook the p and j up together V/V/T and then have the darkstar have it's own seperate volume, tone, and jack. but i'm a sucker for stereo so there..
  5. I'm usually a very big fan of adding a Jazz pickup to a P bass, because i love the Jazz bridge pickup sound, but this is one of the rare cases that i am going to have to agree with everyone else.

    Don't route that nice wood!
  6. Grissle


    May 17, 2009
    That body is gorgeous, please don't ruin it. But if you have to I'd say just add the Darkstar at the neck, it would sound sweet and it would be all under the pg.
  7. Well thanks for all of the replies. I like the idea of possibly having it be stereo. I also think it would be cool to have 3 volume/tone knobs stacked and possibly a master volume too.

    While I do understand the sentiment of not wanting to "ruin" the body by routing some new pickups into it, the outcome would be well worth it. Thanks again.

    PS. I like these basses.

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