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Wiring options for Barts

Discussion in 'Pickups & Electronics [BG]' started by ganttbos, Apr 27, 2002.

  1. ganttbos

    ganttbos The Professor Gold Supporting Member

    Dec 18, 2001
    New Orleans area
    Here's a copy of an email I just sent to Gabe at Bass Northwest:
    Hi Gabe,
    Gantt Boswell here in New Orleans. I just ordered a Bart HR5.4 wiring harness from you guys, the one with 5 pots (volume, PU blend, bass, treble, mid) and a three-way mid-frequency switch. I already had a set of xxM45C's. This is for a Gecko project.
    I'm in the process of learning about the bewildering variety of wiring options. Some things I've read even talk about a 6 or 7-way rotary switch to access the various combinations. What can you tell me about this? Can you boil it down to a simpler set of options? Do you know of anything I can read that will help? The Bart website is pretty useless. I've read a million threads on TB and the Pit but no one really nails it as far as a clear explanation/discussion.
    What I'm looking for is a description of sounds - a boiled-down primer of Bart wiring 101. Can anyone help? Thanks.
  2. Dumfish


    Oct 6, 2001
    Santa Rosa, Ca
    I'm not sure about the sounds you could get, but I know that there are a lot of wiring options. Depending on how good you are at wiring and technical know-how you could have up to 6 options per pup (I assume that you have 2, and if I recall those pups are quad coil): series, parallel, split-p, reverse-p, the neck side magnet pair, and the bridge side magnet pair.

    I was actually looking into a very similar configuration. Hope I've helped you out a bit.
  3. ganttbos

    ganttbos The Professor Gold Supporting Member

    Dec 18, 2001
    New Orleans area
    OK, since I first started this thread, I've learned a lot about wiring barts. Now my questions are more specific. I've found quite a few wiring diagrams but I still don't have any info on how to wire the quad-coil soaps for a reverse-P configuration. I'm thinking of a three-way switch that will give me straight series (humbucking), bridge (or neck - not decided) single-coil, and reverse-P (both pups). Reverse-P wiring is not shown on the diagrams I've found so far???

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