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Wiring schematic for single coil (S) / series / single coil (N)

Discussion in 'Pickups & Electronics [BG]' started by HalfManHalfBass, Jan 17, 2006.

  1. HalfManHalfBass


    Jan 21, 2003
    Hi everyone,

    Is it possible to wire a humbucker (a bartolini with 5 wires) in the following format:

    Possistion 1 : Single coil (North side)
    2 : Series Humbucker (like a Musicman Stingray)
    3 : Single coil (South side)

    I can only find single coil(n) / parallel / single coil(s)

    or Single / Series / Parallel

    I have both on/on/on switches and on/off/on, but can't find anything on the net for the wiring or even the posibility for this wiring scheme.

    Many thanks for any help offered!
  2. HalfManHalfBass


    Jan 21, 2003
    Many thanks Clorenzo for the reply, but I have seen that link before and the diagram shown only gives the humbucker in its parallel mode. I wish to have it wired in Series -similar to a Musicman Stingray- because the bass I have sounds very dark already and the series option is much brighter than that of the usual parallel.

    It is in fact after studying the diagrams listed on that site that I am indeed wondering whether this configuration:

    single coil (North) / humbucker (series) / single coil (South)

    is even possible with a 3 way switch, as it is about the only configuration not shown!

    So, does anyone have any other suggestions please?
  3. That is the series mode. I think that you have the series and parallel concepts the wrong way round: series is in fact warmer than parallel (see http://www.bartolini.net/instructio...hing/Switch_Wiring_DualCoil_Pickups4_cond.pdf), so if you want a brighter sound, you need to wire the pu in parallel, which is the standard wiring in a Stingray.

    You can get single (N) / parallel / single (S) with an on/on/on switch. Assuming the lugs of the switch are numbered as follows:

    1 * * 4
    2 * * 5
    3 * * 6

    Wire it like this:

    - White, green and shield should go to ground
    - Black shoud go to 1 and 4
    - Red should go to 3 and 6
    - Solder 2 and 5 together and that's your output.

    If this isn't clear enough let me know and I'll draft a diagram for you.
  4. HalfManHalfBass


    Jan 21, 2003
    Many Thanks again Clorenzo, yes I had confused the terms! I indeed want the parallel brighest option!

    I will try this diagram as soon as I can but if you could label the point of the switch i.e. ; north start, south finish wire etc. I would be very grateful, as I have changed the colour code of the wires on my pickups -as the original selection was only as a 3 wire humbucker.

    Kind regards, Rob
  5. HalfManHalfBass


    Jan 21, 2003
    Many thanks again Clorenzo! I will try this soon and let you know how it went!