Wiring the pickup to the "wrong" pot lug

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  1. Last week, after one soldering too many, my poor and abused CTS volume pot in my P had the "input" lug (where you wire the pickup) which started playing up and being funny - it was a bit loose too, in fact.

    While waiting for the exact replacement to come tomorrow, I temporarily soldered the hot (white) pickup wire to the central, "output" lug of the pot, expecting the pot to act more like as a on/off switch in the meantime.

    While it probably lost some fading excursion, I can say that the fading effect is still present, and I confess that if someone did that out of sight, I might have been not noticing a behavioural change, at least probably not enough to get alarmed.

    My question for the techies is: what does exactly happen on a technical level in the pot when you wire the source of the signal (the pickup) to the central lug?
  2. (up)

    Not that it's going to change that much anyway, as I received the Fender part this morning and quite obviously soldered the new pot following the "correct" diagram. I'm still curious about knowing what happens inside the pot when you have both the pickup and the output wired on the same middle lug anyway. Do you only bypass the pot load or do you effectively alter the fading effect of the pod through its excursion?