Wiring volumes to each coil on a humbucker?

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  1. Is this the proper way to wire it with a shielded, 4-wire humbucker with a series/parallel switch afterward?


    I was trying to assess it like wiring a volume pot to two individual single coil pickups, so I'm not quite sure if this is the correct way.
  2. Nope. You're grounding a pickup in series mode.
  3. What would be the way to do it then? Isolate the two pots from ground?

    Or do I have the switching mixed up?
  4. Oh, okay, I see what it is now.

    I have one of the coils wired to short itself in what should be series mode, like you said. Whoops. Thanks for the help.
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    Can you post the corrected schematic?
  6. Well, it was for an ATK, and come to find out, the pickup can't even be wired in series/parallel anyway, but I can post a corrected schematic if you want one.