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Wisconsin Bassists Club (part 2)

Discussion in 'Bassists [BG]' started by Pedulla-Player, Oct 22, 2011.

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    #1 - Pedulla-Player (Lily/Antigo) :cool: :bassist: Modrator
    #2 - Zomb13 (Oshkosh) :cool: :bassist: Active Member
    #3 - frianbisher (Milwaukee) :cool: :bassist:
    #4 - SOB H.R.MC (Racine) :cool: :bassist: Active Member
    #5 - Gecko 5 (Cudahy) :cool: :bassist: Active Member
    #6 - nubs (Waupun) :cool: :bassist:
    #7 - kingpin2512 (Neenah) :cool: :bassist:
    #8 - berzerker92 (Mukwonago) :cool: :bassist:
    #9 - kreider204 (Appleton) :cool: :bassist: Active Member
    #10 - lsbland (Madison) :cool: :bassist:
    #11 - jurberg (Eau Claire) :cool: :bassist:
    #12 - emblymouse (Mt. Horeb) :cool: :bassist:
    #13 - 8guy (Madison) :cool: :bassist:
    #14 - iriegnome (Kenosha) :cool: :bassist:
    #15 - tedesco23 (Evansville) :cool: :bassist: Active Member
    #16 - Turtle71 (Madison) :cool: :bassist: Active Member
    #17 - Lo end PUNCH (Milwaukee) :cool: :bassist:
    #18 - PeaveyCirrus4 (Tomahawk) :cool: :bassist:
    #19 - Bjazzman (Madison) :cool: :bassist: Active Member
    #20 - P-oddz (Milwaukee) :cool: :bassist: Active Member
    #21 - Bastard (Grafton) :cool: :bassist: Active Member
    #22 - superiorpine (Wauwatosa) :cool: :bassist:
    #23 - fishstix (Waukesha) :cool: :bassist: Active Member
    #24 - I Can't Dance (Mequon) :cool: :bassist:
    #25 - jsolberg (Ashland) :cool: :bassist:
    #26 - Medford Bassman (Medford) :cool: :bassist: Active Member
    #27 - Rebmo (Wauwatosa) :cool: :bassist:
    #28 - peabody (La Crosse) :cool: :bassist:
    #29 - jasonbraatz (Madison) :cool: :bassist:
    #30 - LAG (Janesville) :cool: :bassist:
    #31 - invader3k (Fort Atkinson) :cool: :bassist:
    #32 - funkadelicbass (Milwaukee) :cool: :bassist:
    #33 - Sundogue (Wausau) :cool: :bassist:
    #34 - DanAleks (Milwaukee) :cool: :bassist: Active Member
    #35 - abraun (Stevens Point) :cool: :bassist:
    #36 - pedro (Madison) :cool: :bassist: Active Member
    #37 - bassopotamus102 (Weston) :cool: :bassist:
    #38 - Swimming Bird (Madison) :cool: :bassist:
    #39 - markkoelsch (Muskego) :cool: :bassist:
    #40 - Hippos Melas (Milwaukee) :cool: :bassist: Active Member
    #41 - tmut (Milwaukee) :cool: :bassist:
    #42 - OhThePeacock (Wausau) :cool: :bassist:
    #43 - TeamTrejo (Franklin) :cool: :bassist:
    #44 - meycom (Cross Plains) :cool: :bassist:
    #45 - James A. Voss (Neilsville) :cool: :bassist:
    #46 - tk4207 (Bloomer) :cool: :bassist:
    #47 - vladchrome (Kenosha) :cool: :bassist:
    #48 - Charles Obscure (New Glarus) :cool: :bassist:
    #49 - morebass! (Middleton) :cool: :bassist:
    #50 - rageatmachine14 (KauKauna) :cool: :bassist:
    #51 - Ruggar (Mt Horeb) :cool: :bassist:
    #52 - F-Clef-Jef (Menasha) :cool: :bassist:
    #53 - mowburger (Sturgeon Bay) :cool: :bassist: Active Member
    #54 - ElectraPhoenix (Middleton) :cool: :bassist:
    #55 - Wacko Stu (Sturtevant) :cool: :bassist: Active Member
    #56 - Village Torcher (Appleton) :cool: :bassist:
    #57 - scotz0369 (Tomah) :cool: :bassist:
    #58 - Headless Llama (West Bend) :cool: :bassist: Highly Active Member
    #59 - Thevolumedealer (Oshkosh) :cool: :bassist:
    #60 - sanchezda (Monroe) :cool: :bassist:
    #61 - MrBEAR (Central Wisconsin) :cool: :bassist: Active Member
    #62 - Jonny B (Menasha) :cool: :bassist:
    #63 - mikew31 (Superior) :cool: :bassist:
    #64 - bassman10096 (Greenfield) :cool: :bassist:
    #65 - Systolic (Madison) :cool: :bassist:
    #65 - jeepin_jer1 (Mukwonago) :cool: :bassist:
    #66 - shadowmac (Milwaukee) :cool: :bassist: Active Member
    #67 - KalTM (Milwaukee) :cool: :bassist:
    #68 - lucretius (Pewaukee) :cool: :bassist:
    #69 - Bornwisco (Capitol City) :cool: :bassist:
    #70 - ustabawannab (Greenfield) :cool: :bassist: Active Member
    #71 - sykes of christ (Mineral Point) :cool: :bassist:
    #72 - LilloEsquilo (New Berlin) :cool: :bassist:
    #73 - theduke1 (Manitowoc) :cool: :bassist: Highly Active Member
    #74 - KJung (Sheboygan) :cool: :bassist:
    #75 - mc_muench (West Allis) :cool: :bassist: Active Member
    #76 - Dee M (Racine) :cool: :bassist:
    #77 - Keithwah (Milwaukee) :cool: :bassist: Highly Active Member
    #78 - Scott549 (Madison) :cool: :bassist:
    #79 - Grif (Omro) :cool: :bassist: Active Member
    #80 - Konigstiger (Kenosha) :cool: :bassist: Active Member
    #81 - Interceptor (Madison) :cool: :bassist: Highly Active Member
    #82 - Bloodywanker1 (Fond du Lac) :cool: :bassist:
    #83 - IWishIWasBlank (Janesville) :cool: :bassist:
    #84 - FanOfAlice (Greenbay) :cool: :bassist:
    #85 - melvn (Wausau) :cool: :bassist:
    #86 - ctrotier (Pewaukee) :cool::bassist: Highly Active Member
    #87 - BINJ (Larsen) :cool: :bassist: Active Member
    #88 - Targadriver (Burlington) :cool: :bassist:
    #89 - CalboDaGo (Milwaukee) :cool: :bassist:
    #90 - sanray (Platteville) :cool: :bassist:
    #91 - dereksilloway (Stevens Point) :cool: :bassist: Active Member
    #92 - scottfeldstein (Waukesha) :cool: :bassist: Highly Active Member
    #93 - LarryO (Racine) :cool: :bassist:
    #94 - ursusaltered (Madison) :cool: :bassist:
    #95 - bassman10096 (Greenfield) :cool: :bassist:
    #96 - LilloEsquilo (New Berlin) :cool: :bassist:
    #97 - tri33 (Waunakee) :cool: :bassist: Active Member
    #98 - c2thej2theizzo (Milwaukee) :cool: :bassist: Active Member

    Honorary Guests (Out of state)

    #1 - lowfreq33 (Nashville , TN) :bassist:
    #2 - Dan Lenard (Chicago , IL) :bassist:
    #3 - Doc Ellis (Minneapolis , MN - Formerly from Black River Falls) :bassist:
    #4 - johnnyt (Nashville , TN - Formerly of Eau Claire) :bassist:
    #5 - mixtapelove (Northglenn , CO - Formerly from Janesville) :bassist:
    #6 - KillianRussel (New Orleans) :bassist:
    #7 - soulman969 (Colorado - Formerly from Wisconsin) :bassist:
  2. Checking in to #2.
    Not a big poster, but read every day
  3. WOW! 2nd page! :)
  4. Hey Gecko 5 - That's cool. Just say "Hi" once in a while. ;)

    Hi Llama - Who'd of thunk it? Lol. Maybe part 2 will be even better than the first. It will take a little help from the members to make that happen thou.

    Hey. For all of us members who aren't gigging at the moment - How about some gig photos from those of you that are playing out to help us remember what it's like?? :bassist:

    I know that I'd like to see them and would appreciate it very much.
  5. tedesco23


    May 12, 2010
    Evansville, WI
    Wow, a second thread. Big time!
  6. theduke1

    theduke1 Supporting Member

    Dec 22, 2010
    Manitowoc WI
    I'm here too!
  7. Interceptor

    Interceptor Supporting Member

    Mar 29, 2005
    Madison, WI
    Band eye view from one of the summer gigs:


    And, from the other side of the fence:


    Congrats on second thread!
  8. Welcome to the club c2thej2theizzo! You are #98. Interesting name by the way - I hope that I got it right. ;) We hope to hear from you!:bassist:

    Hey Gecko 5 - Since you made your presence known I was able to update you to Active Member status!! ;) Just chime in once in a while so we know that you are here with us.:ninja:

    I don't have much to say either , but for some reason I keep on talking (posting)!!
  9. mc_muench


    Sep 28, 2010
    Milwaukee, WI
    I'm still alive as well...GO PACK GO!!!!
  10. Thanks guys! And I truly mean that!!
    It wouldn't have been possible without Active Members like you guys.:bassist:

    I am deeply honored that you guys are members - you make this group fun and interesting , and I am proud to be a part of it!!:cool:
  11. Thank you so much for sharing your great photos!! That looks like it would have been a great gig!! I love the scenery - and that awesome bass!! What kind of bass is that anyways?? looks like a Roscoe headstock??:confused:
  12. Hey - It's great to hear from you!! You are updated to Active Member status! Stop by and let us know what's new once in a while.

    How bout dem Packers anyways!!:hyper:
  13. Since I don't have any new gig photos to post I'll post a few old gig photos from about 2003 that I stumbled across. I weighed a lot less and had hair back then!!

    If you don't have any new gig photos please feel free to share some old ones. What can I say - I like gig photos!!

  14. mc_muench


    Sep 28, 2010
    Milwaukee, WI
    So Pedulla, you like Tool and Rush I presume? haha
  15. To name a few. ;) I'm still into Rush , but not as much into Tool as I used to be.
  16. I shouldn't post this because I look like such a dork. A friend of mine posted this on facebook a while back and tagged me so it appeared on my wall. I don't know why I wore that Kodiak hat since I only tried chew twice and got sick both times!! I guess it was comfortable or something?? Anyways , I'm guessing that this photo is from around 1987. I wish that I still had that 1976 Rickenbacker! Not because I liked it - because right now it would be worth a lot more than I sold it for 20 years ago!!:crying:

    Please don't laugh!:bag:
  17. soulman969


    Oct 6, 2011
    Thanks for the honorary membership guys. I did my wood shedding back there before I moved to Colorado in the early 80's. I played all over the state and the UP based out of Green Bay early on and later on in Madison. That was long ago but who knows, some of us may have recollections of the same places or some of the bands who made a mark in the 60's and 70's.

    Rather than ramble I'll just lay back and ask and answer questions contributing wherever I can. Music has never been a profession for me but I have been a pretty active player over the years until I more or less gave it up a few years back and sold most all of my bass gear. These days I'm just a part timer, and jam player thinking about starting something up or joining something again.

    My rig is very simple these days. I play a CV Jazz Bass through a GK 112 I just bought. Perfect for my sound, style and my old achin' back. About the only genre of music I haven't done much of is jazz but my emphsis of late has been Blues and R&B coupled with some Classic and Country Rock. You can't play in Colorado without some of that in your bag. I'm also a guitarist and vocalist but I've always preferred the bass over guitar.

    I'll look forward to posting with you guys, and thanks again.
  18. mc_muench


    Sep 28, 2010
    Milwaukee, WI
    Since where posting gig pictures...

  19. Interceptor

    Interceptor Supporting Member

    Mar 29, 2005
    Madison, WI
    The bass is a Barker B1.

    I was lucky enough to play a bunch of out door gigs this summer. They are my favorites!

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